The Black eyeglasses

03 August, 2005

Recently I have read an article about the number of those who commit suicides in China, about 250 hundred yearly. This number does not include the number of people who fail in committing a suicide which is between 2.5 to 3.5 million! What startle those who study the phenomena is that the majority of victims are youth.

What does make a young person put an end to his/her life? What depression is this that makes a person wants to get rid of his/her suffer?

Regardless of the economical, financial, social, or psychological difficulties, lack of faith in God plays a role. In Islam committing a suicide is of the greatest sins that a person can do. Muslims believe that God is who gave life to human beings and he is the only one who decides when to take his/her soul. In Muslims’ beliefs the committers of suicides are never forgiven by God, instead they are punished in the hell the same way they ended their lives in the life over and over.

I wonder what the point of view of other religions is with regard to committing a suicide. After all, life nowadays has no value especially when living is such a mess when wars, killing, economical degradation in some parts of this world, political crises, and environmental disasters are the reality that an ordinary citizen has to cope with. So no wonder why some people decide to end their suffering but in the wrong way, at least that what I believe in.

The most funniest incident that I have ever heard of was about an American student who was brilliant and smart at school that commit a suicide because he thought that his girlfriend would dump or leave him because he start losing his hair!

Let’s overcome depression and be stronger. Let’s not give up when failing once or twice. Let’s promise ourselves not to fall in the trap of hopelessness. Let’s take off the black eyeglasses and wear more colorful one.

Sometimes saying is much easier that doing. But let’s try at least.