Victory of Failure

19 August, 2005

I have seen the coverage of the Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian lands in Gaza. What drives me crazy is the exaggeration of such a step as it will solve the Israeli- Palestinian crisis and bring peace to the region.

As many know it, the reality behind the withdrawal from Gaza is that Israel sees the occupation very costly in the light of the brave Palestinian resistance. So it’s not like what it’s imagined by the media as a positive step to show the good attitude towards Palestinians.

While I have been watching reports broadcast on different TV channels about how sad the Israeli settlers, I was really surprised. They have been pictured as victims leaving lands that they assume they own while historically and lawfully speaking they own nothing. Even the UN laws state that the Israeli settlements established on the Palestinian territory in Gaza Strip and West Bank are illegal. It sounds that the Israeli settlers who were enjoying their life in their illegal settlements forgot that those settlements were built on lands whose ownership goes to Palestinian farmers who are living on each other in small refugee camps. It’s really weird to cry for losing something you stole from somebody else!

Their barbaric spirit does not stop at this stage only but it continues to attacking innocent Palestinian citizens as what happened when one Israeli settlers killed three innocent Palestinians in the west bank. The story doesn’t end at this point; I have seen some concerns by the Palestinian authority about the pollution done by the Israeli settlers before leaving their settlements. There is certainty that the underground water and land have been polluted intentionally! This of course needs long long years till this underground water goes back to its nature. Moreover, it was reported the incidents of steeling stones from these lands. This is regardless of the amount of water that was wasted by the Israeli settlers while the Palestinian citizens were in need of each tiny drop!

So to those who have been fooled by that the Israeli withdrawal as if it’s an optimistic step towards peace and prosperity I would like to say that Gaza is still occupied when its sea, air, ports, Gaza airport, and its routes that connect Gaza to the West Bank are still occupied and are still in the Israeli iron hand. No peace without the whole Palestinian lands back. So don’t fool yourself. Wake up and see the truth and reality.


Kira Zalan said...


The Palestinian part of the bargain is to disarm and disable the terrorists, but Abbas has yet to make a move. So far, he has been striking deals with Hamas to not interfere with Israeli withdrawal. But negotiating with terrorists has only backed the Palestinian Authority into a corner.

Hamas, the most organized and most popular terrorist group, will hold the Palestinian Authority hostage on every decision. As Sami Abu Zouhri, a Hamas spokesman, clarified that “If the Palestinian Authority continues to manage the withdrawal alone, we will protest at all the mistakes it may make. In particular, if the land is stolen from the people, or devoted to private projects or given to people close to the Authority, then we will react.” Reaction means “resuming operations” (what the rest of us like to call terrorist attacks). The “mistakes” will be determined by Hamas.

If Abbas is planning a swift round up of all known terrorists, he is likely to lose all credibility with the Palestinians. This is because Abbas has been visibly aligning himself with the popular martyr theory. Last week, banners waved across Gaza proclaiming that “The blood of martyrs has led to liberation.” Then, Abbas attended Friday prayers at Caliph Mosque, where the imam announced, “Allah knows that when we offer up our children, it is much better than choosing the road of humiliation and negotiation.” Additionally, the PA’s official radio station - Ramallah Voice of Palestine - continues to broadcast messages that Israelis “want neither a solution nor peace.” These statements are synonymous with those of Hamas, and the Palestinians are listening.