Blab Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

08 October, 2008

I’m so very busy these days…work work & work

what its making it worse is having my midterms next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek…..need to dedicate this weekend to studying & only studying have no clue how I will digest 16 chapters all at once……I’m worried about my individual projects as well….my work occupies all my efforts & time ..but 7amdila I can still find time for shisha & close friends :D

Yesterday haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad fun shopping …oh gosh outlets at mall of the emirates have introduced new collections of clothes & accessoriesssssssssssss …wanted to buy EVERY THING…went to buy a shoe but ended up buying belts, accessories, make up & toppppppps….while driving back home & I felt a bit guilty as I forgot about having financial obligations these two upcoming months……………

my best friend came back from Canada after finalizing her paper & another one came back from her vacation ….another friend will relocate to Dubai & I expect him to reach Dubai by the end of this month……..

and a disastrous problem coming my way when my uncle comes to visit us sooooooooooooooooon…..dunno how long he will stay but of course gossip & troubles will start indirectly when he sees what I wear & why I come late …etc

Momy …please keep your brother awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

Now get to back to work

C yaaaaaaaa


Hi Arab Lady... I stumbled on your blog while searching for an old song on Google. At first I thought oh no, not another blog about the damn test scores and what not! But instead of moving on, I decided to read some more. I am glad I did! It seems that you are full of conflicting emotions about religion, your traditional culture, family, and love. I can't proclaim that I have read all your blog posts at the moment, but a life of sadness seems apparent throughout your entries (I sure hope not). I'm not a head shrink, nor am I a preacher on how to fix your life, but I do understand what you are going through, NOT as a woman because first off I'm a man (please don't go off on me for using this description). Secondly, not many women in the emirates share the same philosophical look on life from the same perspective. Anyhow, I say that I understand you because I had to go through similar issues related to love, religion, and so on... all of which were really a part of a "self discovery" process that took me years to realize and understand who I really am... and I wouldn't be who I am today without the path of my past. I have a lot of things to say to you or exchange with you, but unfortunately I have to get back to work. I will surely revisit your blog and read some more of your loud exhales. Take good care.

sea life said...

I want also to go shopping!!!(no time) I´m sure you had a great time:)
Best of luck with the exames!

Arab Lady said...

Hello Haytham
I’m not sure if you should be glad for stumbling on my blog :) by the way what song u were looking for

Would like to thank u 4 reading & passing by..but u might not know the main purpose of this blog is a kind of therapy I use when I’m pissed off, stressed out …etc

I have nothing to say but one statement caught my attention & would love to get wut u meant by saying

“ not many women in the emirates share the same philosophical look on life from the same perspective”


Hey dear how r u
Ya of course shooooping is the best thing in the world 4 women….fun comes when u wear the breathtaking stuff u buy

Hope life is going well with u
Wish u a lovely day

Hi again,
I didn't know the name of the song, as its quite old, but I put in some keywords in Google while searching for it... your page is at the bottom of the page:

Well, I didnt know that the purpose of this blog was to vent off your anger at the world, or whoever... and now I know. :)

I had a very long reply to you, but I forced myself to delete it because the content is personal, and thus improper to be posted on your blog for everyone to see. Unlike you, I use my real name and so I am held accountable for anything I say, here or elsewhere. :(

Anyhooooooo, you should write some positive things that happen to you... this way, when I visit your blog I can feel happy for you, and be inspired by you.

I talk too much, and now its time for me to go :)

Anonymous said...

Have they stolen your profile pic. Have a look at this website.

Arab Lady said...

they did ! :(
now ppl will think that i'm the owner of that website :S

Anonymous said...

Sue them :-)

ohh yes the uncles :-) well good luck so how dio u dress
:-) and am so glad that ur friends havecome and ae coming

and as for shopping eyukhh i hate it :-)

hope u have a lovely day

sea life said...

Thanks for asking, very good, and you know what???? Finally I had the chance to go shopping:))))))))))))))))
What a good feeling!!!

Notorious said...

Aaww i so wanna go shopping right now,, but cant tomorrow i start my midterms so i;m hooked i have books, papers everywhere.. alla y3een .. hopefuly u've done very well fe ur exams

Veena said...

Dear Haytham

Perhaps the song you are looking for is "you are the inspiration" by Chicago

Kind rgds

sea life said...

Hei, where are you? How are YOu?
Hope life is gentle with you, and you are just busy:)

Fashion 4 UAE said...

hi,hope to be one of your friends link.

Hanan said...

Hey Lady,
Just wanted to pass by and say my helloooooz.
Trust all is well.. Men zmaan ma gereina your male bashing posts :p
God knows I would love to read one right now!
Cheers, Hanan

Arab Lady,

where have you been? I am visiting Dubai soon and found your blog at work again... and it's been way too long since your last post. Hope finals went well. I can't freaking wait for Al-Ain and Dubai shopping!

erica aisha

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Arab Lady said...

Thanks every body 4 passing by
DG, Hanan, Steela, N, Aisha F4 UAE, Sealife, JJ

Miss u all & i really miss my therapeutic blog!!

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