Block THEN Delete

01 September, 2008

Sometimes i really feel like having a problem forgiving others. I have few incidents that I can’t come over. I just cant. Its either black or white. I know its WRONG but I just couldn’t. I haven’t spoken to some people in YEARS!

I just can’t forget. I cant forgive. Probably I cant forgive those who meant something in the past.

Having the ability to forgive is a bless! It’s truly a bless! Sometimes I cant & I know Its one of the worst traits I ever have! I admit!

Yesterday I received a Ramadan Greeting MSG from an old friend I haven’t spoken to in one & a half years. A hot discussion ended our 5 years friendship. That day I knew its over at least from my side. I just drop her off, kissed her, & asked for her forgives if I ever hurt her.

Since that time I never spoke or met her.

Every Ramdan & Eid she sends me a msg but I never reply until last Eid when I decided to at least reply with a msg. this Ramadan I just posed starring at her text msg & I wasn’t sure if I had to reply back this Ramadan as well. It’s just too hard to forget how I felt that moment.

The hot discussion wasn’t about having different opinions or so but about seeing masks falling & true feelings being disclosed & revealed…..

You just realize how stupid you were when your honesty & good intentions blinded you.

I’m so very loyal to people in a naïve way. When I give I give endlessly but when I get hurt no matter how trivial the reason might be to some I just can’t get over the incident. The person gets moved to my black list immediately!

Ending a relation with an old friend might not sound as serous as taking out a close relative from your life. They just mean nothing to me & don’t exist in my world. I’m not regretting it now & I don’t want to regret it later. But I really don’t want THOSE DELETED people in my life for good!

PS: Ramadan Kareem to ALL Fasting Muslims


Anonymous said...

Ramadhan Kareem to you, may Allah help us make the most out of this festival of Divine Blessings :-)

3anooda said...

I know exactly how you feel - similar situation occurred with me and my so-called best friend - difference is i forgive and forget repeatedly - she holds a grudge. but when the shit hit the fan, that was it for me. im cold as ice. after more than 15 years friendship. a real honest person would never do such a thing in the first place. Ramadhan Kareem

rosh said...

Ramadan Kareem AL.

Arab Lady said...

thanks DG, 3anooda & Rosh
Ramadan Kareem 2 u too

Sarah Mayy said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say having the ability to forgive someone is a blessing. Even I find it difficult to forgive people, and I'm alright with never talking to them again unless of course, it was my fault that we stopped talking. Nice post. :]

And Ramadan Kareem!

ananymous said...

I just lost my only friend of more than 20 years nothing can be harder, but some times you wounder are all the sacrifices worth it. but after that i started woundering am i ever going to find a friend that will stay with me 20 years and accept my mistakes and faults and accept me as i am, he said no body have ever hurt him like i did, he never saw it coming. i wounder!!!

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Anonymous said...


Its been a while. Im sorry for not posting in a while. First of all, ramadan kareem and second, I agree with you.

I just can't forget or forgive some people in my past lives. No matter how much they've changed or trying it easier, my heart will never allow them back because they misplaced my trust in them.

If they lost my trust once then its gone especially the backstabbing biatches!!!!

Even if the incident is trivial - I totally agree with you.

I hope that you're well and in good health, my dear.

Do you use msn or yahoo?

salam, ramadan kareem to you and to all... it has been a while and recently i have been going thrugh a similer battle and it is difficult coz we dont hurt ppl and they just do ...

The Observer said...


That is a tough side of you! I don't like :). But I am not going to talk you out of it, as I do realize how it feels when someone tries to push me to do something that is against my own feelings.

I just don't like how we tend to demonaize a person because of a part of him. Everyone has a good and a bad side, and that side of her appeared to you at that moment. It doesnt make her bad. You could have still brush it out and worked with the other sides of her that suits you.

3anooda said...

a few things

1. where is MD?
2. im coming to dubai and i PROMISE to get in touch this time. 3. send me an email with ur contacts and stuff
4. about time you update
5. I invented my own tag. I need answers. Help me out.

Arab Lady said...


thx guys 4 passing by ..promise to reply back to each & everyone of u
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen sssssssssssssssoooo
BUSY @ boss is good at dumping his work on me :S

@ 3anoooda
got not clue where MD is :)
will send my # & look forward to seeing u hereeeeeeeeeee

c ya

3anooda said...

didnt get anything yet

Arab Lady said...

Can you please tell me since when you have a zillion websties? Plus I don’t have your e-mail so how can I sent u my contact details

3anooda said...

LOOOOOOOOL yeah ive suddenly gotten very active - but what websites are u talking about??

my email is moody_1 3ala hotmail

Néphèle said...

..don't you miss them? How do you handle missing them?

or just so anger & frustration overcomes this?

Anonymous said...


my e-mail is

sea life said...

I know very well what you mean :(

sea life said...

Happy Eid!!! to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions and help us become better muslims & better human beings.

Eid Mubarak :-)

Arab Lady said...

Happy Eid & Fitr Mubarak to u ALL :)

thx 4 ur wishes DG (f)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the (f) :-D

Arab Lady said...


Sawsan said...

Damn it!!

Such people are really cold-hearted!!

I am not like you, I might forgive for god's sake only but I can't forget!!

His Sweetheart

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