To the guy of “Excuse me miss, I know who you are!”,I write to you!

27 August, 2008

Yesterday & in the middle of my grocery shopping at Emirates Mall, an Asian guy stopped me. I was like noooooooooooo way not any again! Remind me please to tell u an old story about the same incident at the same spot & time but with an Egyptian guy ;)

Anyhow, I was so suspicious about what he wanted. He asked if I’m X person working @ X company in DMC. I confirmed that I’m the same person but explained that I’m not working at that company anymore. He tried to remind me of himself...apparently I interviewed him for a job vacancy. To be honest with you, that was 2 years ago & I couldn’t remember him!

But was that a convincing reason???

I had no clue why he stopped me & initiated many topics while I still had way to go to finish what I want to buy. He was so confident & excited! His eyes & body language radiated his excitement to tell me a secret or anything confidential he knows….!!!He wanted to say something but he couldn’t know how. I was so patient until he reached the part that he could have said in the very beginning.

I know your blog! I know that you are Arab Lady!

My smile disclosed everything….I was like aha! What makes you believe I’m the same blogger?

Actually, he showed his interest to the topics I discuss & asked me about the reasons why I want to keep my blog so very private. He apologized for causing any kind of embarrassment, if any.

He was like you look very strong as we see u in real life but it’s somehow surprising to read your writing that shows a kind of battle deep inside you.

I know that you will read my post & I just want to let you know that I didn’t get embarrassed. Not at all. I will never be ashamed of my opinions nor the emotional & mental status I go through when I get pissed off or depressed.

I might look to you like a lady with a strong personality, plucky, & arrogant but at the end of the day I’m like the rest of human beings who question their cultural, religious, & social values. My blog is a spot where I mostly rant, complain, & whine about anything that upsets me. Above this & that, I’m a female with feelings, worries, dreams & sensitivity that i keep hiding…

Regarding the privacy issue, any female writing about any controversial topic is considered as a fame seeker!
So here I’m …just seeking a tiny spot on the cyber space to voice my thoughts & escape reality…it’s an online diary anyways & I’m not a writer

At any rate, I liked your courage. See you around!


shammydharamy said...
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shammydharamy said...
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NasEr said...

and they lived happily ever after

African Queen said...

I have the same feeling as yours. My blog is where i can say,tell and whine. But sometimes it misinterpret who you are. Specially in our professional life... ppl think who we are in the office is the real life. While the truth is totally different.

3anooda said...

hahahahahah - wow - i would be very interested to know how he figured out it was u?? u havent posted any pics before have u??

anyways news break - im back to blogging. thanks for ur continueous support

rosh said...

I'd try and keep my blog life seperate...I just can't open up to people like that in life. Maybe it's a guy thing? :)

tomoe said...

ko n ni chi wa!

It's a strange chance.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Take care.

Arab Lady said...

@ S
Different identities? Hmmm
I don’t think so…it’s the same but we tend to be hide it in certain circumstances or forced to do so ….you could say the perceived identity & the real one…
Thanks for wishes…same goes to u & thx 4 dropping a line :)

@ Naser
By the way I expected him to comment on this post but he didn’t but I’m sure he read it ;)

@African Queen
Who cares?
Let them think the way they want
here u can jot down what you cant share with ppl around you regardless of how close they are from u

@ 3anooda
Well part of the discussed job description was search engine optimization …blogs…internet marketing etc….so he confessed that he has a blog so do I ...i refused to share the address but he was smart enough to figure it out….i guess uae community blog is not that gigantic ….there are few arab female bloggers I guess!
Good to c u again

A guy thing? Most probably
U guys never open up wutsoever!
But it’s a type of therapy as said by him!

Good to c u again …hope all well
Birds with broken wings u mean…

mab3oos said...

Ramadan Kareem.

Fawazeer @ mab3oos

Arab Lady said...

wut a nickname!
didnt find a better one ?

thanks Ramadan kareem to u too

Anonymous said...

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