What happens when u lack life interest & satisfaction

16 December, 2008

I never imagined that I would reach a stage of hopelessness in life. I’m so shocked to the extent that I’m not recognizing whom I’m. Fears surround me from everywhere. I feel I have nothing to stay for in this country. I can see no future for me here. I’m so detached from my family in a way that staying at their home becomes a complimentary thing from my side. I feel myself very old with my attitude & psychological make up which drive me to lack of satisfaction. Apparently
I’m not loving anything …I’m not enjoying whatever I do…

Ma disappeared for almost 6 months & then showed up suddenly claiming that he was being hospitalized for months ….i didn’t call him back again since our last call two weeks back...he is so sexy & charismatic but too short to be considered, otherwise I would love to give it a try !!

Actually, I totally refuse the idea of dating somebody shorter than me …
In 15 days the world will farewell 2008 & I haven’t even accomplished any of my resolutions

What a pathetic loser!!!


Notorious said...

If its any consolation ur nt the only pathetic loser

soo yes welcome to the club :P

Arab Lady said...

Its just when u feel sorry for ur self in time you could have been better or happier

which club...huh no no clubbing is 3eeb & 7aram what would ppl say!


Kaylen said...

Don't feel bad - anyone who accomplishes all their resolutions either made them too easy to start with or never have things that just come up and take over our life for a period of time.
I didn't finish any resolutions either and went backwards in some areas!!
I'm a loser right there with you! :)

Arab Lady said...


Oh so sweet of u to boost my spirit (*_*)THANKS!!!!!!!!!

But its so very frustrating to know that I haven’t accomplished ANYTHING from wut IREALLY NEED to achieve

Anonymous said...

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