30 October, 2005

What the United Arab Emirates does for the Palestinian case is really unforgettable and will be remembered by the Palestinians and in history. Of course it’s not unexpected to see the generosity of the UAE government that supports its brothers in Palestine both financially and psychologically.

How could the Palestinians forget the number of settlement units and projects Financed by the UAE? How could they forget that Emeriti people are always the first who give a hand? How could the Palestinians forget what Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, May God rest his soul in peace, did for them? How could forget the millions of dollars spent on projects in Gaza, Rafah, Jeneen, Ram Allah and other Palestinian cities to fix what the Israeli occupation have ruined, to build what the Israeli occupation has destroyed.

How could the Palestinians forget the unlimited media support to cover what is happening on their land shedding the light on how the Palestinian citizens suffer? How they could forget the role of the Red crescent of the UAE especially during the Intifada?

No, we will never forget what the UAE did and still doing to support the Palestinians. Words will never express how grateful we are to the UAE and how proud we are of having such an Arab Muslim country that always stands beside its brothers in Palestine.

What we only can do is to ask god to bless this country, its wonderful government, and its generous people.


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