Occupation But With a New Face

30 October, 2005

America, Britain, and France don’t want to re-occupy the Arab world economically, culturally, and politically only but also militarily.

I am really so sorry for the current French foreign policy toward the issue between Lebanon and Syria. I always respected France for its balanced and moderate policy when it comes to the issues of the Middle East. However, it sounds that the incentives and the hidden gains are more attractive that being neutral! May be France recognized that being neutral won’t hinder both Britain and the united states from going for their plans.

So far no tangible, solid, or accurate proofs have been illustrated to prove that Syria is involved with or has any thing to do with the assassination of Al Harriri. Like what happened with Iraq, claiming that Sadam was behind the attackes of the sep 11, Bush and Blair have fun playing the same dirty game over and over. Ya sure. I forgot that they are the superpower countries that are controlling the whole world. As a result, they need no excuses or justifications for what they are doing!

May God bless Syria, Lebanon, and all the countries in this world.


Anonymous said...

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