Iraq was yesterday, Syria and Iran are tomorrow,,,and God knows who is next !!!

30 October, 2005

The American government intentions are so clear regarding Syria which are to replace the Syrian president and gets rid of him altogether! Just wanna know if America doesn’t have interior issues or problems to get busy with. It seems that America doesn’t have any thing to do but to poke its nose in every thing related to the Arab World. America wants to enforce DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, and LIBERTY IN OUR COUNTRIES blab blah (all r big lies)…well I doubt if the Americans themselves enjoy these things…..then how they justify what happened in Abu Ghraib in Iraq,,,, what is happening in Gwantanamo,,,what is happening in the American prisions in US itself….the discrimination against Blacks, Arabs, and Muslims,,,,the Fake propaganda against Sadam and the fake information regarding the “MASS DESTRUCTION WEAPONS”…and much more….why America insists on interfering in every thing? WHY!

In its war on Iraq, the US wanted to make sure to stop those independent cameras and respondents from covering the true image of the war on Iraq, the deed bodies on the streets, the massive destruction that it caused! That’s why it keeps fighting AL Jazeera TV whose credibility and objectivity in reporting news bother the American authorities…
(Colin Powel himself asked Amir Qatar to put an end to AL Jazeera TV’s news reporting)
….they feel afraid from the honest and trustworthy Arab respondents and TVs that don’t follow the American hidden agenda,,,that’s why many correspondents of Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera TV have been arrested and killed in Iraq because that believe the media the transport the true image is more powerful that their “ Mass destruction weapons”….!

Don’t think that I hate Americans or have anything personal against them..not at all.. but I hate their biased foreign policy regarding how they deal with us and with the whole world….so plllllllzzzzzz leave us in peace …We r capable enough to manage our “internal” issues….

To teach others what democracy is entails knowing what it is all about first!!!