Who is responsible for the bird flu?

30 October, 2005

I have read two days ago in the newspaper about a Finnish official who claims that the disaster of the bird flu could have been avoided, abolished, or controlled if the rich or the developed countries gave an ear to the warnings of the countries that got affected.

Why do the developed countries keep neglecting such issues if we can avoid such serious natural or health catastrophes?? Why they ignore the symptoms of any problem waiting the disasters to happen then they react! The answer in my opinion that they are busy with poking their nose in other counties’ internal affairs forgetting that this world suffers from major problems such as pollution, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, to name a few.

I believe that more non-profit organizations must be established to create an active worldwide move regarding the policies of some countries that definitely will lead the whole world to the hell. The upcoming periods will witness more destructive wars, deadly illnesses, and conflicts between neighbor countries. Thus, people especially those who are highly educated and enlightened must be aware of these serious threats and do something about what is going on otherwise the world won’t be bearable for living for the future generations.