30 October, 2005

When I read wut 1 of the bloggers, Sunshine, wrote about how wonderful, caring, loving her mom is I asked myself is it really difficult for all momz to be good mothers?…sometimes mothers believe that they are doing well but that in their point of view …for me if a woman can’t be not only a good mother but a PERFECT one she should get married or at least she must not give birth to a baby….
U know what is the problem is the Arab societies??? Here the women (not all of them of course, otherwise I would be generalizing) get pregnant from the first night! Then, after a month or two, conflicts start arising between the newly married couples.. of course u can imagine how damaging the consequences will be on the coming baby especially if the couple get divorced. What makes the issue worse that here in the Arab societies the concept of being in touch with ur ex-husband doesn’t exist at allllllll! So the poor kid will be suffering moving from here to there between his mom and dad. Sometimes the families of the divorced couples play a negative role and don’t serve an effort to make the kid hates the other side!

Well I feel sorry for those babies who came to this world to see that they can’t grow up in a loving family with a healthy atmosphere…..why they should pay the cost??? Who will answer them when they ask their parents why they get divorced!!!!

HOPE a bright future for all the kids all over the world regardless of where they have been grown up whether at the orphans’ homes, their grandmas’ homes, or on the streets! God bless them all.