They Don't Believe In US

13 November, 2005

In the news last morning, I have heard that the female ex-minister who is ruing for office in Liberia is witnessing continues success in the elections. I saw lots of people around her supporting, cheering, greeting her. I really wonder when we will have similar things in the Arab world. I mean women running for office! Until now the culture of accepting a woman to be a leader is not established nor welcomed at all in the Arab World! They still doubt our abilities and skills. They still believe that women are created to raise kids and clean the floor, cook, and look for her husband. Even those who believe in the women’s rights in getting education and working do believe that a limit must be set to their ambition. They justify that by claiming that women would forget the main duties that they are born for or that they might lose their femininity!

I believe that we should get rid of these contaminated and sick ideas. The main problem is that the woman here can’t practice what she believes in due to the culture of the society and the tradition that hinders her from changing her lifestyle.

Well I hope that our daughters in the future will enjoy things that we were prohibited from not in the family arena only but within the society as a whole.