10 November, 2005

Today I watched the speech of the president of Syria. His speech was wonderful, the kind that I was waiting for from an Arab leader. He was firm, straightforward, clear, and aggressive as well. Actually, I have never heard such a speech from any leader. I am really proud of him and his wisdom. I like the way he deals with the barbaric and aggressive threats that comes from outside Syria. Although his speech won’t be like by many Lebanese if not all of them, it’s enough to see the Syrians and the Arab citizens satisfied with whatever he said. What I like most that he said that those who brought the enemy to the region will be the first ppl that will pay the cost. Ya well I do agree with him. He also differentiated between the Arab media and the Media that speak Arabic. That was a very strong msg that hits the biased media that market idea brought from aboard.
In a nutshell, I liked his speech and it was very effective in addressing the msg to several parties.


Umar Lee said...

So what are your feelings about the future of the Asad regime in Syria? Does it have a long future or a short one like many suspect.

ArabLady said...

Well dear I am quit sure that what is going to happen to Syria is exactly like what happened to Iraq. Don’t you see the barbaric and aggressive propaganda that America initiated on Syria and Iran? The assassination of Al Harriri is a fake excuse that
America uses to end the rule of Al Assad. Well why they want that? Coz America wants to abolish those anti-American political systems that are remaining in the region. They want to go ahead with their plans for reshaping the Middle East in a way that goes along with their imperialism!

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Umar Lee said...

I think the US would like to attack Syria but does not have the troops available to do so because they are tied down in Iraq. The original plan was to attack Iran and Syria along with Iraq but because Iraq has been so difficult they will not be able to go any further first because there are no troops and second because the American people wouldn’t support it politically and the Republicans are now very weak. I think what they will do is try to find some Syrians who they can ally with and make a coupe against Asad or something like that.