10 November, 2005

I came across a document saved on my brothers’ computer. It was an article written by a famous Egyptian writer whose name is Amira Al Shanwani in a well-known daily newspaper called Al Ahram. The writer tells about a story that happened with her while she was in America visiting an exhibit sponsored by some Russian doctors showing some advanced and sophisticated equipments. While chitchatting with a Russian doctor, she asked him about why they don’t believe in the existence of God although they highly knowledgeable in the field of science meaning that they should be the first who should believe in the existence of great power that is behind the creation of the human being and nature. The Russian doctor smiled and said that he is waiting for a miracle to happen to believe in the existence of God!!! When they were about ending their chat, the Russian doctor gave her his business card saying that they might meet one day finding that whether he have believed in God or she left that belief!

Years after that incident, that woman heard in the news a strange story about picz for the Earth taken by NASA. You know what was in the picz. You won’t believe! NASA says that when they took picz from the earth, they usually see black darkness but this time they saw something shining! They two things that were so clear in the pics taken from the space were the Holy Mosque in Mecca and another old mosque that goes back to the era of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. These picz amazed the whole word and NASA in particular.

The writer wished if she still has the business card of the Russian doctor to call him!
Actually I tried to report what was motioned in the article precisely. Have a look at the picz and the original article written but unfortunately its in Arabic. If I got any article in English written about this incident I will post it.