07 September, 2006

Loooooooooooooong vacation

Good morning,
Tonight’s nightmare (when I say a nightmare then it’s a REAL FRIGHTENING
NIGHTMARE) made me think twice about death and the possibility of not coming back….believe me it’s the worst thing in life to die away from your family and to get buried in a country other than yours….the idea of traveling by a plan freaks me out…used to think that my life is long and I have the enough time to rethink about my relation with God and to c how far I’m satisfied with it…….i just wrote a list of friends I want my sister-in-law to contact in case anything happened to me ……I dunno why I would care about letting them now…after all the human being is skillful at forgetting….

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh UAE I love u!!!!!!!


Good morning to MD, Clayfuture, 3anooda, Arab woman, UAE alias, Ella, Summer, Abed, & Qwaider…

I say hi to the beautiful ladies: spirit, pearl, seraphic, and all seeing eyes,umaminah, digital nomad, Tamara, one day, rebellious Arab girl…
and to Yamani, nash, silent tear, and moe

Guys I will miss u all…..take care .........

As MD has said If I die then this blog will die with them….and I will say the same………….

Love u all and I apologize if I ever hurt somebody

01 September, 2006

I knew that the women would call. Her hysterical questions and remarks were just an indication that I passed the test!

Honey what is your weight, Mashala you look slim, ok what about your height darling
…mmm well no girl you must be taller than that (I might lie about my age :D but why would i shorten myself!) do you work, how old are you, what is your year of birth, what did you study, and the most interesting question:

Do you go out wearing this!! Do you wear veil?? *_* !!!
**Hint: I was wearing decent clothes so no bikini, no mini skirt even….etc

Habibty adi waznik…mashala yekhzi el 3eeen n7ifa…tayeb balahi adi tolik…la mish ma32oool akiiid atwal min heeek ( tayeb li bedi akzib wa 2ser 7ali ya rabi?) bteshti’3li shi khaltooo, tayeb adi 3omrik , ah mwaleed ay sana dakhilik…khalto sho darasti…and the shocking question: enti btetla3i bara labsa heek? Yali byesma3 befakir kont mshala7a shi!

To me being asked such questions bugs me like hell. My privacy is sacred and hate to be invaded by similar unacceptable behavior and ridiculous comments esp the last comment. To some people it might be ok but I’m just not used to it.

My mom went nuts and was like he doesn’t even have a proper degree so how come his mom would even think of any possible acceptance from our side!

Dear Mom,
I discovered that education has nothing to do with the mentality. High degrees might get us well paid jobs or give us some decent designations or recognition from others but will never mean intellect, will never guarantee the person is respectful, & will never guarantee that he is the perfect match for your daughter.I just told her a story I’ve heard on radio long time ago about a civil engineer who got married to a barber. She fought the whole world & stood up very bravely for her choice….for her decision….& for her man. Her relatives just went crazy as she brought dishonor to them!! After ten years of happy marriage & three adorable kids, the people who stepped in her way finally realized that they were mistaken. To her his love and respect meant a lot more than a piece of paper.

Well let’s stop judging people based on what cars they drive, how high their salaries are; what degrees they have…etc. Materialistic indications never assure happiness or harmony. After this interesting discussion, mom just listed the potential grooms who were eliminated due to “educational gaps or inconvenience”!!!

Ah mom I should have closed my mouth!! :S Anyway his mother’s question: “Do you go out dressing up like this” was more than enough to know that they were not my cup of tea!

I’m sure you have similar stories but the point is A DEGREE DOESN’T NECESSARILY MAKE A MAN A REAL MAN!