08 April, 2008

Cliams cliams cliams ...a world full of cliams, based on claims...depending on claims....

thats what you would read on their website:

"Be it our people, our attitude or our philosophy and purpose. We are passionate about achievement, sincere about service, and caring about customers.
We are Noor Islamic Bank.
Our extraordinary dedication to you- our customer- , drives us to ensure that you always get the best of our highly evolved Islamic banking services. We are committed to setting benchmarks of excellence in our chosen field by delivering progressive Islamic Banking solutions.

We pride ourselves on our result-oriented culture, which is built on a customer-centric and service-assured platform. "

Here’s a sure way to put your life into top gear. If you’ve got your eye on that snazzy little 4-wheeler, we’ll help you drive off into the sunset.

Noor Drive - Unlimited choices , one solution
One of the most innovative and flexible auto finance schemes ever, here’s a multi-faceted auto finance package that's virtually guaranteed to offer a combination that fits your requirement, convenience and budget. And if that is not good enough, we also offer our customers four different way of owning the car of your choice. So go ahead, get into the driver's seat."

After writing a trillion word e-mail to Noor Islamic Bank, I received the following:

Dear ______

First of all, thank you for your time to visit our website.

I would also like to apologize on behalf of Noor Islamic Bank for our short comings.

Your email was acknowledged and forwarded to the Management and concern department and will be recorded in our customer complaint tracking.

Constructive feedbacks such as yours are greatly valued.


Noor Islamic Bank

any action from their side??? I doubt


Anca said...


Anonymous said...

God help you.

Arab Lady said...


Sunday will mark the fourth weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! can u imagine!

Anca said...

Hi, I read you stories,almost all. Wonderful, ur great.
I hope God help u, solving ur prob.with the bank.
Good luck!!!!!

Arab Lady said...

ThX Anca!

so sweet of u to show ur support :)

Anca said...

You are a very interesting person! Reading your stories, I found a lot of answers to my questions regarding arab women, their life, behaviour and much more. I'll check your blog every day. Thanks for writing here.
I'm romanian married with a lovely german,living in Sharjah.(i'm here from last year december, so everything is new for me)
I work in a company which is dealing and promoting natural cosmetics, skin care and toiletries products.If you are interested and have a little time,I invite you to check
Anyway, I want you to know that I enjoy at maximum your blog and I'm 100% on your side!!!
I have latino blood,(means hot blood)and I come from Transilvania,reason why I end my msg, sending you Kissesssss

Anonymous said...

Your endurance experience was the inspiration behind this post. What do you think? :-)

Arab Lady said...

Dear anca,

Many thanks for your lovely comment…you have a long journey to discover the other face of the double standard conservative cultures of the middles east when it comes to gender….

However, my thoughts & ramblings do represent my personal views & opinions so at the same time I don’t want you to have a negative perspective ( if not already taken :))

Would be my pleasure to visit my webpage again & again & most importantly share your experience


will read the post & tell u wut i think of it

Arab Lady said...


I couldn’t agree more with your post!

I have heard it from a manger form a non Islamic bank. He just made fun of those who get convinced regarding the difference btw “Profit” & “Interest”

But as you said its just the "authentic Islamic" feel.

Anca said...

I totally agree with u, and I'll never blame somebody 4 the personal opinions.
Actually, I hope from all my heart that u'll find ur way, to be what U WANT TO BE!TO ENJOY UR LIFE, U HAVE ONLY 1!!!
My opinion: the arab women need more "arab ladies" like u, to change something for their future and to dissolve the mystery around them.
You have to be strong!!!