01 April, 2008

In “Emarat EL Youm”, a leading Arabic Newspaper in UAE, there is a section that shows the answers of surveyed people about general topics. Today’s question was” Is beating wives justified?

The sad part is the responses of the women surveyed. I felt so very depressed to read the comments. They do agree claiming that some wives do tease their husbands & dive them crazy!!

Come on for God’s sake? Are we still living in Taliban’s era? Yes we do. Yes we do. Yes we do.

Arab Women deserve what they go through. They absolutely do!

If you are not brave enough to admit that you are a free human being with dignity, you certainly deserve to be abused & humiliated by those you made them your superiors.

I’m really sad.

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johnorford said...

"They do agree claiming that some wives do tease their husbands & dive them crazy!!"

Fucking hell. Talk about closed minded...

I dunno, what do you do, when you live in a culture like that? Pray?

Anonymous said...

And what's worse is actually asking that question in the first place!!!

Arab Lady said...

I believe things would change in half a century time!

What I do is “ I struggle” to let them know things are different now. I try to let them understand that we go to college, work, & bear the responsibility like men in our culture. Meaning we are equal!

But is anybody listening?

Isn’t humiliating to ask such a question!

Fashion 4 UAE said...

do you think arab women really equal to men here? I don't think so. I come from different religion then convert to Islam, at the beginning i felt very good of this culture, these make me feel fresh, but after 2 years marriage with arab man, expecial his family attitude make me want to run away. I feel here women have to catch their husband and pleased them and obey them, have to ask them for the permission to go out, now the life presure become more and more, many men hope their wives go out to work to share the life cost.

anyway , this is my case, i don't like this culture they ajudge me by my provious life which without belifs, but they do something like betract ISLAM, don't are not nice at all, sometimes i feel like i am luck because if something unlucky for me, at least my culture will accept me , but in arab culture, women if no work, not independence, after she against her husband, then her husband go to court to devorce by his mood, what she can do? brothers will pay her the rest of life cost?

Adi said...

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