20 May, 2008

I have to go back home early because its unacceptable in our culture to see a female staying out late!

Its my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..MY…M…Y…MY

What shall our neighbors say about us? DEFINE the word LATE. What if I want to stay up late who the hell are you to interfere in my life & program it.

I have been hiding zillions of things for the sake of avoiding troubles. But actually I fed up & I couldn’t care more.

How do other females feel when they have a double standard life? How does it feel when you hide things you do & keep lying not because you think what you are doing is wrong but for the sake of getting some peace of mind.

What the fuck!

I really envy my single friends who are living alone away from their families…eft!