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10 June, 2008

Why women get attracted to men easily. What if this man is a game player? What if he sees you as a friend. I don’t believe in traditional marriage & my sister keeps on advising me to get myself a husband within two years max otherwise khalas its over…!!!
I can sense their concern because I’ m still unmarried

What shall I do? I want to fall in love…meet him accidentally in the elevator or the mini market..he would smile at me & the story would start…ha ha what a broad imagination!!

Did I ever said that I gained 989898 killos within the past few years. I spend time early in the morning trying to fit something wearable! My belly annoys me a lot! I want my sexy body back…..at least I need to lose 5 killos… I tried weight loss & fat burner tablets but they didn’t work….yesterday I registered myself in a gym although I’m not into working out….

im bored now ..nothing much to do at work...


Anonymous said...

hey...i was in a similar situation, just some advise from my experience....whatever you do in life, stay focussed on it and you will see a difference, patience is a virtue, you will need patience for any endeavours you take on in life. Looking for the right man, well Rule # 1, don't look for one, you know ur beautiful and intellectual, you can get any guy you want, so don't go out of your way looking for the one, he will come and also if someone is trying to get close to you be cautious but always give chance a test....i am sure you will do well in life...don't give up hope, remain positive and always smile :)

rosh said...

Just watch the CALORIES. Stay away from bread, rice, anything with wheat etc - have much cals. Instead have lots of vegetables, fish and perhaps chicken. It's the calories that add up.

A slice of bread has 120 calories. A bowl of carrots or broccoli is about the same or less and fils you up.

Oh Rosh, I didn't know you work as a weight-watcher instructor as well.. ;)

Dear Arab Lady; fall in love the way you want.. you wouldn't know he's a play boy till you have few rounds with him.. but hey it's worth it at the end.. it all adds to your experience and maturity.. beside, how would you know you'll end up marrying someone anyways ( don't get me wrong.. I wish you end up with the right guy one day)..
What I meant was enjoy your moments.. honestly, I'm totally against arranged marriage the way it's done in UAE.. they pick the bride the way they pick escape goats for Eid.. Naaah.. falling in love is way more prestigious than that.. go for it girl..

Please come and visit my blog..

Belle said...

No rules when it comes to these things...

Womanizers tend to be the men who impress you most and fastest, thats what I know.

They know exactly what to do, say and how to behave.

They are all for womens right and are disgusted by men who don't respect women.

Once they get their way, which could be as simple getting you hooked...he turns into a monkey monster...

so if you feel immediatly attracted and feel that he is close to "perfect"...take a step back and think...

Good luck

Summer said...

how is the workout going? are you at least trying to make it to the gym?? best of luck!

(Tealover) said...

Hey ArabLady :) ..you know .. your post made me smile .. its sounded so familiar .. to the extent of a thing that I passed/passing through ..

I don't know why women are weaker than men when it comes to that issue .. maybe because they make the decision while we wait for it to be made .. in away ..

I .. like you .. cannot tell if a man is a womanizer/ friend/ or a possible love .. I always expect to know if this this is THE one .. but I end up confused in my own puddle of perplexity ..

I guess we all want it to hapepn the same .. have them fall into us .. right there and right away .. but trust me , even when that happens , we'll still have our doubts ..

look at that :) my comment is almost a post by itself .. I am just glad to know that , my friends and I are normal , having you a thousand mile away going through what we are having :) ..

it'll have to pass .. and he simply .. the right guy .. will ahev to show up .. :)

Arab Lady said...

Woow I’m speechless…I like sometimes to get spoiled by lovely comments like yours
Patience is what I lack in my personality …I admit it…I’m not looking but waiting…its something emotional u cant control

I guess I got affected from the bunch of ppl I know :(
Thn 4 ur wishing dear

Hmmmm surprising me man ….calories tracer huh
i’ve got to learn how to get ride of the negative energy when not in the mood…something other than food…

Heyyy IYM
living in uae all my life makes me cautious zillion of time before saying hello to a guy… u know what I’m talking about …living a moment for a short period of time doesn’t make sense to me
but u know what I will try it !!

it’s the same methodology followed by a friend of mine..i see her ending up with a new guy every week …she dones bother & enjoy it …it depends on the personality I guess!
Thanks for the advise anyways ;)
I will keep u posted to c the result

Ur point of view is appreciated ..but do womanizers exist in the first place!

I went twice only so far! I know myself :(


Hala wala : )

Glad to see u again
Ah what shall I say……. u touched the wound :)