I got to start studying ….

22 January, 2009

This semester I got some heavy subjects & honestly im afraid to screw up in Retail marketing Management!
I have got two projects & plenty of assignments for this damn course as if we are not full time employeeeeeeeeeees! For god’s sake we are not working for the government sector!! We are not that spoiled …..
Whats the hell! are we studying at Harvard….
For the individual project onlyyy, he wants secondary data, 5 interviews with retailers & 6 observational Examples! Get a life!! Who would have the time to do all of that!!

I feel sorry for my money wasted in doing my masters here….i could have studied at AUC or AUD without the imaginary figure we pay each semester….6 months & 9 days to go …..lately I have been nagging , whining, complaining a lot …right?
: )

I won't wish my self a peaceful weekend this time…an average one would be ok !!