My Life in a boooook

20 January, 2009

Today while I’m heading to office I had the idea of turning my blog into a diary published to the public…the only difference would be sharing my thoughts on every thing ...its not an experience of not being a thinker, scientist, politician but an Arab female living in a Muslim conservative male dominated cultures….

I don’t know if my life details & the obstacles I faced & I’m still facing would inspire young ladies out there….i reached to a point that I cant compromise anymore….some people accuse me of being too ambiguous …they cant understand that I’m tired of hiding many things I kept secret for years…

i have been restricted to practice my rights just becoz of gender issues….i have missed out on lots of opportunities & chances that could have pushed me steps forward….

Sometimes I wish if I could write about every thing & anything on this webpage without being afraid of revealing my identity or discovering who I’m ……….

No one on earth knows that I have been sexually harassed in my childhood of the incidents was by close ppl..i wish if I could know mom’s reaction when she discovers who tried to sexually molest me when I was 6 years old…..

I would also tell my story with Hija which i put it on for a certain time ....then I couldn’t tolerate it anymore…being a non-hejabi now put me under the criticism zone for ever…I have got many things to say to the world…most importantly to the fucking culture….

i will really work hard to make this idea come true … even if I couldn’t change my life…my experience would change the life of many young ambitious ladies ….i wont reveal my identity as it will always remain Arab Lady …i really hope to accomplish this dream by the end of 2009….i will just write it publish it & distribute it FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


maroo said...

OMG .. u arabian girl are suufering soo much!!! ..
lsn dear , what happened in yr childhood was not yr fault .. its just yr faith ... u have to understand that u r a victim ..a victim !!!! ITS NOT YR FAULT !! i know our cultures some times look soooo misunderstanding but u have 2 do now is to find a way , anyway to tell yr close ppl what happened ..AND BE SURE all of them will be there for u not against you !!

an important thing to talk about is "being close to RBNA ,, he is the only only who knows yr issue and he has his unlimited powers to make yr life better , he is the one who created u , he has been there since yr very first cell was created ,, he is closer to u than yr veins "
dear ask him all the time , pray and thank him he will be there 4 u .. try to wear back the hijab ,, just think that ALLA wants it from us for a reason , think that if u follow his orders he will make yr life better with no sadness or fear .. he told us to ask him and he will be there listening ..
just try it ,, try 2 wake in the middle of the night and pray , cry he will be sooo happy 2 hear yr voice ..BELIEVING is the key

may ALLA be with u .. sorry i talked sooo much .. u r welcome 2 visit my blog anytime ...

*REMEMBER that u r one of thousands in this world who are sufferinf from this issue

The Extravagate said...

That’s the thing am trying to work on but living in a conservative family and afraid of getting caught as if ur saying something taboo doesn’t help .. good luck with that thou for me and u :)

Degoat said...

Spit it all out..

one voice does make a difference


Arab Lady said...

Hey Marooooo
our cultures some times look soooo misunderstanding”
Didn’t get what u meant here….our culture’s main job is to restrict us for the sake of protecting your virginity & their honor!
You believe I’m a victim…but I wont be playing that role forever…it’s the right time for arab women to stand up for their rights & be decision makers of their own fait …..
Thanks for your support dear but I’m not trying to let ppl sympathize with me

@ Extra
Ya I would expect our pictures in the honor killing section of Emarat EL youm…
Yala lets join forces!We can exchange ideas, contacts …etc
@ Degoat
Ok we have supporting males over here :)
“its hard to fail but its worse never to have tried to succeed” right !

yala i need ideas/advices from those who have experience in this issue!


Anonymous said...

wowww i totally understand what your saying here. Being an arab female myself, i too went through molestation by someone in the family wen i was younger. The only thing you can do is tell your family. First go to your mother if you have a close relationship with her, no one can understand you like your mother can. Even if u are closer with ur sisters, jus make sure u tell ur mother first so she does not feel betrayed or as if u went to ur sister so she could help cover it up for you.
If what you are saying is true, allah will be on ur side and ur mother will believe u from wen u first begin explaining to her.
Not to say you are a liar, i believe you, but if you have faith in allah, then everyone around you will believe u as well nd u will not get blamed for it.

Bayan said...
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Adi said...

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flix17 said...

obviously this was written long time ago but..the fact is in our culture they use Islam in almost everything and that is stupid thing always happens till today, for example Islam tells a woman to leave her face uncovered is not a sin or against Islam but culture no way, you have to cover all of you, and there are a lot of things similar to this so the list goes on endless, and I am sorry for what had happened to you in your childhood I have nothing to say about it, but what I can say, open a new page and leave the past don't dwell in it forgetting the present you have..thinking about the past and being sad or whatever will not change anything, I know it's not easy cause my self experienced horrible things in my life but I realized that blaming others will not change anything so I left all these endless thoughts and I am totally fine now living life as this is my first and last day not the past nor the future, believe me no one is better than the other so you can do even better than me, there are things will help you overcome these thoughts as, hypnotherapy, NLP, yoga, see you might for the first time laugh or it might look meaningless things to you so did I, I in first time thought oh what is all these things, but you won't know what you miss when never give it a chance or try, at last wish you all the best in life :)