Anazer (another) Blab Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

17 February, 2009

shatoora ana ana i took this photo

Since I’m damn bored now waiting for the clock to tick 5:30 PM announcing officially that it’s the end of the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay….just for your information its still 9:45 AM……..way too early to start counting …….right : (

I’m the type of ppl who gets BORED QUICKLY ……So tell me how was your Valentine? Any good news? Mine sucked & was preceded with severe depression. This valentine passed by without having a date nor a fiancé : (
Too bad huh…somehow my friends managed to convince me to go & hang out….currently I’m not into heavy makeup but booked an appointment & had my make up done by a makeup stylist taba3an in attempt to lift my spirits up!! I wore black in black ! actually I wore one of the shortest skirts I have! I looooooooooove short skirts!!

Anyways, yesterday I stumbled over E while hanging out at Mall of the Emirates. I haven’t seen him since March 2007! He came back to dubai recently but never managed to catch up with each other…..


The boyfriend of my Best Friend is driving her crazy ….yesterday we were negotiating about her plans to cheat on him!!! (7aki niswan)Well I advised her to give him some time to fix the situation & if things didn’t get any better GO AHEAD BABE & DATE someone else!!! Hehe what a bad friend … her b/f brought me on my birthday beautiful roses & a gigantic pinky bear whose head couldn’t pass through my room door!! Actually I told her don’t expect men to remain the same creatures the first day u met them! They do change A LOT once they figure out u r in love with them……….
L is getting married in May! Ya rab ya rab plzz plzz I wanna loooooooooooooooooose weight before her wedding ceremony!! Any ideas for lovely useful gifts that would draw a smile on the face of one of the most beautiful brides ever.

By the way I’m still bored…lol
ANYWAY I think I will write another post to kill time as I don’t feel like doing anything…


mmm..can we date? :)

sea life said...

I liked your funy post,it made me smile:D

Anonymous said...

i like photo - it is professional catch, well done. I am frequent visitor to your blog site, dont know why but i guess am admirer your opinions.

Arab Lady said...

so sorry but u r too young for me :P

Sea life:
thanks dear for passing by ...hope all well with u

professional catch ?hmmm anyways thx :)
u dont know why ?
i wish if i could know myself :)

D said...

Did you have your retail marketing management exam today? :D
And was your presentation on customer loyalty? :D

Arab Lady said...

i have no idea why u stongly believe that i know ur friend? :)
does she know me?

D said...

Haha... it's just that I asked her abt the subject and the submission, thinking maybe I made a mistake, but she said the subject was the same and the project was also the same... how big of a coincidence can that be???

So did you have an exam or not? :S Am confused!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweets, remember me? Miss swedish Imaan who lived in Gaza?? I'm back blogging... missed u, can see ur doing great

Arab Lady said...

Life is confusing huh
dont bother honey :P

7abibty of course i do remember you ......long time no hear from you nickname?

You are into short skirts? Apparently shorts skirts aren't making you happy as you are down most of the time. I don't understand why women dress and act in away that objectify them and get mad at men for treating them like objects.

Are you happy walking around and having me look at you in that outfit as something to F*** that's walking on two legs.

I won't lecture you about ethics or religion, you might be better than me on these two levels... I don't think you are a bad person but I think that there are bad choices you are making that are making you unhappy.

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