My bad experience with team work projects

25 August, 2005

Whenever I remember that this semester I’ll be having at least 4 team projects I get crazy! I hate team projects. I have conducting interviews or even distributing questionnaires in public places.

One of my many very bad experiences with team work is the difficulty I face when interviewing managers and finding a free hour in their busy schedules.
Actually, I have never been humiliated in my life by a stranger. But one incident happened with me when I went to interview the marketing manager of an air line company in Sharjah. Our human resource project was on that company that I will not mention its name. My colleagues were “BUSY” so I decided to skip the marketing class and interview the lady with whom I took a previous appointment.

You can’t imagine how miserable the interview went! Do you know why? It’s because I was 10 or 15 minutes late although I woke up at 6 AM to practice! Ok I can’t deny that it was my own fault that I didn’t know the exact location of the company. I have been told that the comp. offices are behind Sharjah Airport. I kept driving around the airport trying to find the com. But I couldn’t. On that day I drove crazily that I took a speed ticket. After being stressed out for long minutes because I didn’t reach on time, I found the right location.

After all that, I have not welcomed by the head of marketing department as I expected. She was so mean. I will never how she was looking to me. She kept giving me short and useless answers. At first, she told me that I have 10 min only although we have agreed to 30 the day before! Oh my God! Her body language was enough to understand that she wished if she can throw me out of her office!

I asked my questions very quickly coz I figured out that she was neither cooperative nor polite. While leaving her office she said “better to reach on time next time or call at least”. She adds “better be more prepared as well”. Her shocking words were falling like stones on my head. I will never ever forget that day. On that day I realized that the real world is different and harsh. It’s not the pinky world that I wish to live in. I told my self WELCOME TO THE BUSINESS WORLD.


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