Some Thoughts

25 August, 2005

After tomorrow will be the first day of the new academic year. I don’t feel like missing the university or the books. Again I will have to get up early. Stare at the closet for about two hours to find something to wear. The worst part of the tragedy is the traffic jam. And of course you don’t know how the traffic looks like in this country. Thank God that I am not living in Dubai, the most crowded city in this country. If you live in Sharjah but work in Dubai, you will need about 2 hours to reach your work place on time. That means approximately 4 hours or more are wasted from your day. That’s why Dubai government is about to build an infrastructure for rail roads. This project will be done by 2009 I guess. They expect that the number of benefited residents from this service will reach 1,300,000 riders daily.

I don’t know how secure this service will be. London’s bomb that targeted the rail roads scared me a lot. In my point of view, having rail roads in Dubai would be a target for terrorists! I know that UAE is the most stable and secure country in the Middle East but I am still afraid that one day UAE would be attacked by terrorists. I hope that this day never comes. This world sounds unsecured at all. No place is safe. Terrorist attacks targeted almost all the countries in the globe starting with US, Britain, and other some western countries ending with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Morocco, and Egypt. The nightmare of being one of the victims of such attacks controls my mind.

Dose the life mean anything to a human being if he/she doesn’t feel secure? Of course not. I feel sorry for those who lost beloved ones in terrorist attacks. Sometimes I feel sorry for those who themselves called terrorists. They were born like any other human beings with feelings, ambition, dreams, and emotions. They have family as well. They love and hate. They cry and laugh. Why would one kill hundreds of people unless he “thinks” that what he is doing is right or he “was told” that what he is going is justified and right! The problem is that some people implanted in their minds poisonous ideas and beliefs that justify what they are doing. It’s not their fault. All of us are responsible for producing such personalities and characters in our societies. Every body holds a responsibly towards those who bomb their bodies to kill others. It might be the fault of their families that have not given an ear to their problems or have never known how they were living or with whom they mix. Moreover, if the governments don’t take care of their youths by solving their problems don’t ever wonder about how easy hunts these youths are.

It might be the fault of the super power countries that never put an end or at least find solutions to the poverty, illiteracy and other economical and social problems that some countries suffer from.

Please don’t think that I am defending terrorists but there must be tens of reasons that made them embrace their wrong beliefs. Unless the root of the problem is solved, terror will be the nightmare that threatens every one, every where, anytime.