Questioning the unquestioned

24 August, 2005

Well in my point of view, the Palestinian authority is trying to get advantage of the disengagement process as if the peace talks led to Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip. Every one must realize that it’s the military resistance that led to making the Israeli government understands that its presence is Gaza is costly. By withdrawing from Gaza, Israel aims at establishing normal relationships with the Arab countries.

Hamas is not a terrorist organization. It represents a slice of the Palestinian society who believes that the peace talks did nothing for them. The Palestinian authority had nothing to do during the previous years but putting the money of donations in its pocket. It did nothing for the millions of refugees scattered in Lebanon’s, Syria’s, Jordan’s tents, and other Arab and foreign countries all over the world. It also did nothing for the thousands of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israel. I want to know one thing which is what the Palestinian authority did for the Palestinians’ interest! Why can’t the Palestinian refugees vote in the coming elections if it is claimed that the elections will be run in a democratic atmosphere? Where is the democracy in time I see the representatives of different political parties keep attacking each other in the media and on the TV channels accusing each other of having hidden agendas? Well I guess that the coming elections will have the final word. Abbas must not ignore that some political parties that believe in the military resistance have popularity in the Palestinian society and must not forget that the majority of the Palestinians believe in the armed resistance as the only way to gain freedom, return back the stolen land, free the Palestinian prisoners, and establish an independent state.

In my personal opinion, Abbas is playing on both lines. On one hands, he tries to polish his image in front of his people by giving promises that he can’t do in order to gain their Palestinian’s acceptance and trust. For example, he claims that Jerusalem will be the capital of the future Palestinian state. Well its sounds that he is so optimistic about this wish. On the other hand, he plays the role of the peace man who believes that negotiations will work with Israel. In short, his strategy or tactics sounds ambiguous to me since what he says to both sides contrasts what he is doing on land. For instance, one day you find him with the political resistance. The other day you hear him refusing “Terrorism”! It seems that nowadays each one has his/her own definition for terms such as “Freedom”, “occupation”, and “terrorism”.

After all, the next period will be so sensitive and important for both the Palestinians and Israelis.