Sooner or Later men will realize that admitting equality is the definite fate that they can’t escape from

23 August, 2005

As a part of my thoughts about the Arab women’s rights, I believe that every woman anywhere in this part of the world must be so educated about her rights in the society she lives in. knowing your duties and rights is the first step in defending our selves. Here comes the role of the education and the schools in enlightening females and teaching males the principle of equality between man and woman.

During one of my summer classes, our Mass Communication professor invited us to divide the class into two groups where the males sat on one side and the females sat on the other. It was an open discussion in which each group asked whatever questions the group members wanted to the opposite sex. As females, the first question to the guys was why would guys do things that their sisters (or females in general) are not allowed to do?

One of the shocking comments that I have heard from one of the guys that MAN and WOMAN are never equal.”They can’t be equal!” he said! L
I said to my self Oh My God if an educated guy who is studying at one of the important universities in the country says that, then what about the rest of the males who might be less educated, less affluent, have never traveled to Western countries, or have never mixed with the opposite sex? I told my self what a bright future is waiting our countries?! Well his claim was that the Men are more physically capable than women! I told him so what?? Some animals are more physically capable than human beings, but that doesn’t make them smarter or more valuable than us. Part of my response was that Arab women nowadays invaded every field and you can see them working as a judges-in some Arab countries the woman is still not allowed to be a judge-, lawyers, drivers, businesswomen, artists..etc.

No matter what that idiot guy said or no matter how our cultural beliefs constrain us from being ourselves; I still believe that women are equal to men. In my life I saw women work more hours that their husbands. They also come back home to find other responsibilities waiting for them. After that they tell us that we are not equal! LLet them try to hold for a short period of time half the responsibilities that a mother holds, then I am quite sure that they well thank God day and night for not being a woman.