The American professor

30 March, 2006

Currently I am taking Crisis and Conflict Management Course. The American professor who teach the course is pissing me off…actually he doesn’t miss a chance to attack Syria or KSA!!!

The professor doesn’t stop making fun of a Syrian guy who was living in KSA. Sometimes, I just wana stand up and approach this guy and yell at him saying BE A MAN for one time in your life and put an end to that sick professor. Who the hell does this AMERICAN professor think he is? The other hand, I told him yalla u wana insult me as well when you know that I am Palestinian!!!!

Shit. Its enough that they don’t give us a damn in their countries and they are humiliating us in our countries where they come to get money!!

Isn’t so weird? Wondering how media brainwashed the minds of hundred of millions of people in the west with regard to Syria and KSA! In their minds, these two countries represent satan on earth ruled by dictators that threaten their NATIONAL SECURITY !

Playing to speak to the dean of the school immediately I finish this course,,,or may be have a fight with this professor since I am graduating this semester J lol he is really kind and got white heart ,,,but he is really teasing me out !!!!!!