Is the maidenhead a blessing or wrath?

30 March, 2006

To me it’s definitely a disaster not because I am afraid to sleep with somebody and then worry about my virginity when I get married (in case I got married although I doubt).
Is there any Arab man wants to get married to a woman who lost her virginity? Arab men don’t even marry girls who lost virginity to them even if they are 100% sure that they were the first in their lives! What a sick mentality!

Anyway this is another issue. What makes me crazy is that if families had the chance to put their daughters in cages in order to protect that valuable holy maidenhead that represents the honor of the family, they wouldn’t miss such an opportunity!!!!!!!!!!

They feel afraid to send you somewhere or let you go somewhere alone being afraid to be raped and then sit on their chest the rest of your life coz no man is willing to marry a girl who lost her virginity! What’s the hell?

That’s why whenever you ask they why, the automatic answer is you are a GIRL. Whenever you ask them why my brother can do it, the automatic answer is that he is A GUY. They should have said that u do have that maidenhead but your brother don’t!!!!!!

Woman in the Arab society is not valued according to what degrees they have or how mature and intelligent she is but how beautiful and sexy she is and of course don’t forget the maidenhead! Oh, this is apart from how good she is at cooking and sweeping the floor!!!!!!!

To hell with maidenhead! The other day by brother told me just go migrate to Europe where you can find people who share with you the same mentality coz here you will never ever find an Arab man that accepts the shit you believe in!!!


hannibal said...

I've just come across your blog ArabLady and it's very interesting.

I will keep visiting.


ArabLady said...

mmmmm merci thx dear,,,u r most welcome...well there is my lovely place where i can express my thoughts although i don't tend to post very much ,,,but anyway thx again :)