Anger Management

29 March, 2006

I haven’t written anything for a long time…actually becoz I haven’t been so irritated as such for a long period of time!!!

Ya actually writing is the only easy way that releases the anger stored in me!!!
Wondering how it has such effect on the human beings….

So upset with myself especially that I am getting so lazy when it comes to studying…it’s supposed to be my last semester,,,but I dunno know what’s wrong with me…isn’t that I am releasing that life is not that rosy anymore..and that I am finding difficulty communicating with ppl surrounding me and that there is deep conflict between my beliefs and theirs!!!!!

And I am so upset with that way I releases my anger,,,whenever I lose my mind I tend to be aggressive and like to destroy and burn evey thing I see in front of me or anything that reminds me of the ppl who irritated me !!!!!!!!! wondering if its normal ! I doubt?
I guess I need some courses in anger management in order to express my feelings in a more civilized and positive way!
Ah ya civilized!