A dialogue between a woman and anti-women’s rights people

29 March, 2006

Who is margining the woman in our culture?
Is it the religion or the tradition or both?

Whenever an Imam is asked bout the position or the role of women in Islam, he just brings examples of how good women were treated during the Prophet Mohammad era peace be upon him…??

So the problem is not in Islam? Is it?
Or people here don’t understand how to apply its concepts?

I am really confused!!!
Some woman are not allowed to study in universities or work abroad….when you tell them why, you get that stupid unconvincing answer!! You are a woman!! So what?

No you can’t protect your self?

Excuse me? Are we living in a jungle? We are in 2006 where you can control the whole world while sitting on you sofa drinking your cup of tea?

Oh ya we are living in a Jungle, we love you, we care about you, we want to protect you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who the hell do you think yourself to decide for me !!!

Am I a human being who can decide what is the best for her?
No sweetheart. You are a woman. You always need to be ruled and controlled. We know where your best interest is!!!

Don’t I have a brain and personality?
No darling. You are women and women don’t have those abilities to think, judge, or make decisions. Your heart is the judge!!

Isn’t my mistake that God created me a woman!
Well no honey don’t say so..it’s you fate

Is it really my fate…


secretdubai said...

It makes far more sense and is far more fair that if men are the ones harming women, they are the ones who should be prevented from travelling and going abroad!

Not women, who are the innocent ones.

My mother used to joke that the world would be a much easier place if all men from the age of 18-40 were kept in cages. My father might not have been so happy if she tried to carry this idea out though!

secretdubai said...

By the way - I added you to the blogroll at UAE community blog - if you would like a member invitation there, just email me at [my username here] at gmail.

ArabLady said...

lol oh finally i got someone who agreed with me,but u know wut..... i guess that life would have been much better without men on Earth !!!

thx for ur invitation

TwinTopaz said...

see people or rather men tend to confuse local tradtions with religon..allowing women to go out side, do chores and work is allowed in islam but may be not in local arab society!!! and ppl say..oh this IS Islam

ArabLady said...

well its both!Islam and local tradition !!! Ya Islam prohibt women from travelling alone? Don't you know that? or u wanna ignore it! Islam bans women from working or studying in a mixed place where they can see or contact men !!! you don't know that as well or u chose to ignore it!!! aha that's of course apart from the silly tradition that sicks me

ArabLady said...

grammatical mistake :)

TwinTopaz said...

i am surprised where did u find islam asking for all these restrictions???

Islam only ask for being modest what ever u do,..work, travel alone or shop!

thats all

ArabLady said...

why don't u ask any Imam about the issue of mixing with men in the work place and uniz or about traveling alone...By the way I am the one who is surprised that u don’t know the Islam’s opinion with regard to these two points!

TwinTopaz said...

i dont need an Imam to find out answers for these questions..Islam is for ordinary ppl with average IQ so we do not need these outdated imams to tell us how we should lead our lives..we have quran and sunnah for that...

I am a regular pakistani muslim male and i believe that a muslim female CAN work, drive, shop all by herself ALONE...only she need to do is follow a proper dress code and maintain a decency(and by decency i mean something a common sence can makeout) while making contacts to any non mehram male!!!

that all islamdemands..believe me

ArabLady said...

what about traveling alone :)
studying abroad
or the restrictions with regard to the dress code...can she work anywhere,,,anyplace ,,,,,,,,

TwinTopaz said...

YES...She can travel alone(and if some one says she need a mehram for companionship..he is full of crap because that was applicable in medevial times for the sake of security only!)study abroad and dress anything which deos not reveal her..

ArabLady said...

sorry but i thougth we have one Islam,,but it soulds that they were other versions that i haven't been aware of!!!
Excuse me! Aha she she can wear anything that doesn't revel her,,,like black abaya for example covering her from head to toe…plzzz tell me where do u live,,,just will prepare my baggage and live where you are…

by the way based on ur understanding of Islam ,,,is Hijab ( head scarf) a must???

TwinTopaz said...

dear lady..me and u follows same islam..only differance is that your islam is modified by so called mullahs to suit your local tradtion and mine is twisted to suit my local tradations..

and any dress..be it a long gown or a jacket with trousser is fine unless it reveals your skin..and by skin i does not mean that you have to cover your face, hand or feets or hairs...so hijab is a NO NO for my way of islam..only that our prophet ask the ladies to put an extra effort(like putting a extra piece of cloth) to hide their womon hood and i am sure u know what it is!!

and u are welcmoe to live with me at Buheira cournishe :)