The Hero !

29 March, 2006

The other day I have read an article about the history of Yaser Araft ,,,well I don’t know what to call him a president may be…well Palestinians don’t have a recognized state,,, even if they want to believe that they have a state …its not independent, or doesn’t have the minimum requirements of establishing a state!! Oh ya that is regardless of the space of land they currently have! Imagine Gaza strip and the west bank! The disaster is that they can’t even have control over them? What a state is this? Anyway…it’s not my topic

So I was saying that the article on portrayed Arafat as a hero who dedicated all his life for the Palestinian case, a freedom fighter blab blah…well what stunned me the most is the comments of the readers which were into believing that he was so…

(he used to a hero in my opinion but not after selling the land and recognising the occupation)

I was so surprised. Would their attitude toward Arafat be the same if he was alive? I don’t think so. We Arabs tends to be very emotional and to tend to forget the horrible things done by a person when she/he* passes away! Wasn't he the big loser who sold our land? ( that what Arab people used to think) and now he is a hero!! Wasn't he the guy who used to put the money in his pocket letting the rest of people starve !!!

I am not trying to point out anything at all except that Arabs are really weird ….just want to know how they think and how they perceive the world….can’t understand them !!!