The Arab Summit

28 March, 2006

In my opinion that ARAB SUMMIT in Sudan is useless and we as Arab citizens don’t believe in such meetings that are obviously not productive !!!

Actually, I feel sorry for the money wasted on flowers, water, and food used to server politicians participating in the summit… this money could be used to help some families survive in Africa !!!

Wondering what these Summits do for Arab citizens?

Wondering if any rules issued will be applied or even respected !!!

They supporter the results of the Palestinian Elections? Ah So what??? As long our Big mom America is not satisfied with the Elections, Arab countries opinion don’t mean anything !!!

So what is the benefit of such summits and meeting if they can do anything? Some Arab leaders did not participate even, isn’t is a big shame !! well, may be they have busy schedules ! oh ya things more important than Arab Unity, more important than Arabs solidarity, more important than the sanctions on some Arab countries, more important than the foreign interfering with out interior affairs !!!!

Than as an Arab Citizen what is the most important thing on their agenda!!!!!!!!!
Sounds that when politician are in control, they forgot that they are supposed to work for their people’s interest when they got elected!!

Oh ya elected (what a big cute white lie)