Pain in my heart

28 March, 2006

Today was one of the worst days I have ever expeirencded
I had a big fight with my frustrated
Well.. the hole debate was whether I go for training outside UAE or not….actually I thought that being getting the permission of my dad, every thing will go well…unfortunately, I was mistaken
I forgot that I have to take the permission of my parents plus
The permission of my 5 BROTHERS
And maybe the relatives, neighbors, and the whole country !!!

I forgot that I am a GIRL
I forgot that I am a MUSLIM
I forgot that I am an ARAB

Having this combination, you are not allowed to dream
Not allowed to grow
Not allowed to be FREE
Not allowed to be your own
Not allowed to be your self
Not allowed to have your own choices
Not allowed to make decisions


You should pay the cost of being a female
You should adhere to the stupid tradition and the laws of your culture

This is my story..i have been struggling for the past 4 or 5 years to be my self

I discovered that being educated was another mistake, being liberal, being open-minded, being enlightened, being universal, and being ambitious ARE WRONG in our culture!!!!