Yesterday I dyed my hair!!!

30 March, 2006

Aren’t I weird? Lol I donno if all females when get upset they dye their hairs….

Generally, I either eat, sleep, or dye my hair! ,,,of course that apart from breaking and throwing things L ya actually I admit that this is a baaaaad habit that I should get rid of

Yesterday I finished my classes and while driving from the uni I stopped by a nearby supermarket to buy hair dye….i chose medium blond,,,but guess wut!!!! After applying the thing on my hair I haven’t seen any indication that my hair is getting blond!!!

I was so scared really…I told my self yaallla wait another 10 or 15 minz to c wut its going to happen…..

And since I am short-tempered J I went to wash my hair….ya couldn’t wait more

Guess what was the result?
Thank God it wasn’t red or blue ,,,actually it was dark brown

From blond to dark brond L
Well in spite of this I liked the color ,,,,my sisters-in-law just were amazed the color and one of them asked me to dye her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol she doesn’t know that I got a color that is totally dirrerent than what I wanted!!!!

The other one asked me if I chose that color on purpose and I just told her YES!!!!

I was really embarrassed to say the truth (May God forgive me) walla I hate to lie but I dunno………

Whener I dye my hair I get a strange color!! Until know I am asking myseld what I did wrong so I got that color!!

Actually this the second time it happened to me,,,the last time it was chestnut or maroon and now dark brown!!

Anyway I like it !