You personality type according to the first number you get (have a look at the previous post

02 April, 2006

1. Dynamic
You are lively, energetic, and dynamic and have that solid determination. You like to succeed in any competition. Generally, you are independent, and you can’t stand relying on others or being roped by marriage!! You don’t care that much about familial life and you prefer to live by your own. You feel great when you have control over things.

2. Quiet
You are diplomatic, quite, and kind, and do listen to others and respect them, and don’t exceed the borders. You can’t live alone and do need others. Sometimes you are cautious, hesitant, and with low self-esteem.

3. Adventurous
Thirsty for adventures and changes. You tend to be that person who loves traveling and hanging around without a gool. Tend to be rational. What you like most is fun ,adventures, and experiencing things

4. Cautious
Not that type that likes thinking about crazy ideas. You simply think about the results in this first place. Deep inside, you are honest and loyal. What you need is stable work, love and some organization in your life. It’s so difficult to convince you to change your way because you don’t like speeding.

5. Excited
You are crazy and love life. In love with adventures and not very cautious. You need freedom, living humanitarian experiences, and constant change. In deed, you are a traveler that seeks new things and you like testing the strong feelings.

6. Responsible

You like to be surrounded by your partner, kids, relatives, and friends. You feel so responsible towards yourself and others. You are organized in every thing you do especially at work. Artist, attractive, sensitive, and need comfort, security and the protection of your surroundings.

7. Unique
You are independent and take your own decisions alone. What you need is peace and quietness to feel ok. You are idealistic, secretive, and prefer to avoid crowded places. You also study things very well and think too much. Your interests tend to be spiritual but not materialistic.

8. Idealistic
You always think about others. Simply, you are generous, ideal, and dedicated to others. Dream about traveling, friendships, and humanitarian experience. You are so sensitive and thinker. You only move on when you have confidence in your self and whenever you specify a task, you accomplish it quickly.


S!lent.Sp!r!t said...

Loved it ;) am a 7

Aaron said...

I'm a 2 LOL. Sad, sad, sad.