01 May, 2006

Stolen from one of the bolgers’ posts …haha but of couse modified

A ct your age?: Always act older than my age. This is the problem. I have never acted my age !!!
B orn on what day of the week?: Saturday I guess
C hore you hate?: Housework, taking orders
D ream of? Waking up to find my self in the world I want to live in
E ssential makeup item(s)?: Foundation, EYE-LINER, MASCARA, BLUSHER, AND contour!!!
F avorite singers(s)?: Faurouz, Elissa, Majeda El romy, Fadel Shaker
G old or silver?: Silver, Silver, & Sliver, then Plastic accessories
H ometown?: Never had one, still searching
I nstruments you play?: Depression !!
J ust one word for me?: Ambitious
K ids?: Angles when well-raised
L ies?: Without then life is tough! (Not major ones BTW)
M ajor thing you want to change? Every thing
N eed?: To libilize my soul and break the chains
O vernight hospital stays?: Once, when I felt down on my head
P hobias?: Planes, violence
Q uote you like?: Read the one on the top of the blog
R eligious affiliation?: Islam
S iblings: Hope never had any !
T ime you wake up?: Depends of the mood. When depressed I never wake up!!
U nique talent?: Giving advices! But when it comes to my problems..!
V egetable you refuse to eat?: 80 % of vegetables!!!
W orst habit?: Don’t know how to FORGIVE & FORGET
X -rays you've had?: twice, 1 for breast :$ one for the brain long time ago
Y ummy food you make?: Chocolate cakeZ oo animal you like?: All

Things scare me: love, affairs, Arab men, marriage, wars, earthquakes, death, graves, and fate

Things I hate: tradition, talking behind my back, disorganization, dishonesty, routine, sex discrimination, nagging, the short-temper, and my family!!

Things I sacred: friendship, love, loyalty, the sea, education, perfection, and personal privacy


MD said...

nice on AL; it's almost uncanny how our list of 'thing that scare' is quite similar.

MD said...

*nice one

ArabLady said...

hey how r u md...miss u :)
where is our make-up man :(


arab woman said...

D ream of? Waking up to find my self in the world I want to live in


TwinTopaz said...


Sorry i was bit busy...

did u guys had a chance to meet??

MD said...

hey gurl where u been? oh i just remembered...AUS is having their final week n shit. was there yesterday to meet a friend :)

TwinTopaz said...

u bad girl..u went ti AUS and never bothered to meet our lady??


MD said...

didnt have her number twin boy, howz the make-up treating u?

ArabLady said...

hellooooo evey body....did somebody miss me :))))))))))....todaaaaayyyyyyyyy is my final exam...i am done i am done,,,no more schoooooooooool

TwinTopaz said...

mubrook AL...yuppyy.

any chace of passing..eah?

MD..Aubergine eyeshade is not doing well...:(

ArabLady said...

hey man i passed all my courses :@..thank God...hey man is there any chance to find me a job at ur company :D ...i might improve the sales little bit :P

TwinTopaz said...

mubrook mubrook...

and welcome to professional world!



TwinTopaz said...

not let me get serious..what degree u earned by passing these final exam???

ArabLady said...

B.S.B.A with emphasis on marketing and MIS :D

ArabLady said...
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Mise said...

Just posted on acting my age or not...check it out! :-D

ArabLady said...

tomorrow my graduation ceremony :(..promis to post some picz later

ArabLady said...
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ArabLady said...
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TwinTopaz said...

hey where are the pics????