Another horrid crappy movie

21 April, 2006

Well, yesterday I watched an Egyptian Movie on Melodi Aflam TV. The story caught my attention as the theme was discussing several crucial things in our Arab society. I told myself oh my God finally there is an Arabic movie worth watching! I was mistaken actually!!

The story was about young couple going back from London to Egypt after getting their degrees in medicine. Actually the guy got married in London without informing his uncle “the scary close-minded monster in the movie” who spent a lot on teaching and raising his nephew. The guy promised his wife to introduce her to his family as soon as possible but claimed that he needed time.

His weak personality, his submission to the cultural habits that entail the guy to marry his cousin, and his fear to let his uncle down forced him to marry his cousin, who was waiting for him all those years, without informing his first wife, the one that mind and heart chose! Wut a bastard!!

For almost a year he was split between here and there refusing to be a MAN by telling the truth to both his uncle and his first wife. Since he was living with the first wife at his uncle’s villa, he couldn’t resist his brutishness lust so his wife got pregnant from the first time…….

Anyhow, I was so excited to c the end…..Was excited to c who will win

Many questions went in my mind, could that educated, civilized, and open-minded man resist the barbarity and the retardation, and backwardness of his culture….

Would he be able to say that HE CHOSE HIS WOMAN?

The end was shocking, unexpected as I was waiting 4 another end showing to the people what should happen…He dumped his first wife, he ran to his second wife as she gave a birth to a baby boy!....He even wasn’t brave to give any explanation to his first heartbroken wife …just left without saying anything letting her relative who was aware of wut happened from A to Z tell her the truth … tell her that she got married 2 a sucker , a big liar, a chicken in man shape!!! I really own an apology to chicken now….

In fact, the most horrible mistake a women could ever commit is getting married 2 a man who is not a MAN…why would I get married to a guy who doesn’t have the courage to fight for me, to fight the whole world for my eyes, a rabbit who couldn’t face his family to say this is the woman I love, the woman I want, the woman who I wanna spend the rest of life with….

Is this the message Arab movies wanna send! I feel sorry for the two hours I spent watching a ridiculous and meaningless film where the mistaken beliefs won and had the final word …


MD said...

aah, been a while. i missed u!

as for this movie, i am not that surprised by the ending. at the end of it all, the movie is a manifestation of the beliefs in society. if the movie tried to break any rules or bring forward newer and fresher ideas, then it would have become highly controversial.

at the end, people just watch a movie to spend some time and get over it. and i'm not referring to the international serious cinema, i'm referring to cheesy movies that we are mostly fed to.

S!lent.Sp!r!t said...

What caught me to your blog is your words defining you as it is a reality to many searching for their own identity.

As to the movie, reality is hard and man can be devils in convincing and showing manhood up until it is truly time for him to be and act as a MAN; he fails.

But keep in mind one thing, we always blame the men saying they have to stick to their heart and fight, but when it is for a woman, we say "she's pressured by the environment, culture, parents she lives within and thus we pitty her and understand.

Why is that when the man also has the exact same environment and thus fears...

ArabLady said...

Why is that when the man also has the exact same environment and thus fears...

Well spirit may be becoz u r living in the states u have no clue how miserable some arab women live in our societies…at least the man in our culture has religious and social power over us,,,,I am not the one who can marry 4 wifes and divorce them all at once….i am not the one who doesn’t need the permission to get married …I am not the one who doesn’t need permission to travel whenever and wherever I want……I am not the one that doesn’t need to cover her body from head to toe just not to arouse THEIR desire!!!... our culture dear…u spirit is chained by not only ur parents, but by every male regardless of who he is …whether he is ur brother, uncle, cousin, ur husband, or ur neighbor!!!!

After that,,,
u tell me that they should be excused…at least women fight for their love,,,,but some men are still slaves to the tradition and to wut this and that say…HAVING all these legitimacy and power he should be A MAN !!!
this the least thing he can do ….

After all this is my opinion :)

S!lent.Sp!r!t said...

hahahahah Lady, I by no mean am giving excuses to the men, am just talking about a general idea. And yes I am in the States, but I lived all my life in the UAE and know exactly what you mean thus I agree with what you said above; but for some reasons that point came to me and wanted to share it. :)

ArabLady said...

lol no worries u r welcome to say wutever u wanna say :)

arab woman said...

HAHAH.. honey ,, r u still hope to see a good useful arab movie ??

damnnnnn ,, dont wait ,,that's impossible ,, they dont have time to act the good ,, they have time to collect money ,, only ..

so dont loose ur time to watch like that again .

good luck

ArabLady said...

u know wut i started to love arab movies after watching Melody Aflam ...i love this channel...have seen Al Ra'3ba by Nadiya el jendi recently ,,,a very good movie was so nice as i cried alot while watching it :)

Adi said...

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