Do U Miss me

18 April, 2006

never expected to like a guy who doesn’t give me a damn …I used to lecture my friends when it comes to love and men ….but when u try its something different…..
I hate my self when I think about him, why would I care about him….to hell with love…but after all, u need that special person in ur life, ,,,that person who cares about u , misses u , loves u , gets mad at u …blab blah….

i have no clue wut my reaction would be in case I met him one day….wut if he wanted us to go back to each other… should I say NO, SORRY u r not in my life anymore…or should I open my arms telling him that I MISSED HIM BIG TIME…..

Wish if I can understand you, 3an jad dying to know wut is going on in ur head…do u miss me, actually I do, every day I remember u ,,,,in every hour and minute….i feel that u had no idea how much I care about u that’s why u r giving me a hard time…….

One day I will be able to FORGET U …..I know that BUT I DON’T WANT that 2 happen…had no choice other than tearing out that leaf …….

MISS U BUT u know wut I always ask God to bless u …..Wherever u r , whomever u r with…I wish u all the best ………..


TwinTopaz said...



(is that message for me???)

u know what.. people come and go in our lives...the only thing we know is how to detach ourselves from them!!

ArabLady said...

"the only thing we know is how to detach ourselves from them!!"

if u know how plz tell me

Arshad said...

It will be a painful process, but throw away anything that may remind you of him and pray to Allah (SWT) and insha'Allah you will succeed.

ArabLady said...

you are right Arshad :)

MD said...

as simple and (probably) cliche as it sounds, do not go for ANYONE who u know u won't get married to. and especially for someone like u. ure already in an emotional turmoil, do u think ur parents would approve of this guy even if things worked out well between both of u?

when one person doesn't care, u cant change much. if u still want to be friends, then just limit it to that. don't expect a lot from humans, we fall short of expectations many times.

pray and take ur mind off things that wont work. it's easier said than done but once u're over him, u'll realize this is the only solution.

S!lent.Sp!r!t said...


U oughta read, "Men from Mars and Women from Venus" it'll help you understand how different both men and women's perception of the word care....

When men care, we think we are in love, but not really, its a moment of need that prevails the idea of being in love...

ArabLady said...

"do not go for ANYONE who u know u won't get married to. and especially for someone like u. ure already in an emotional turmoil"

Why especially me :S....

"do u think ur parents would approve of this guy even if things worked out well between both of u?"


how would u know that u will get married to a guy u know…u never guarantee that…even if u both wanna each other and planning to get married ,,,I can say that 90% of those who love each other in our societies never get married to each other…so wanna know why…well there are trillon reasons ….i know a couple loved each other for nine years…they did the impossible to be together…her dad just moved to another country trying to separate them …..they tried one ,twice, ten times to be stronger than circumistances ,,,but get wut I have heard that she got married to another guy and gave birth to a baby boy ……sometimes things never go as planned….even for those who don’t face any difficulties ….and another Q why u assumed that my parents won’t approve to get married to him….although its early to talk about marriage …lol…I wanna breaaaaaath first :D…

by the way i miss u too

ArabLady said...

Spirit I promis to have a look at this book…I’ll call a friend who got that book…but why u and MD talk about the issue as u guys are not females that might got some nice feelings 4 a guy :S…u both make me feel that I am idiot and naive :(((((((
I have not said that it was LOVE but may be I felt that both of us shared the same thoughts and mentality…same ambition ….blab blah why judging the book from its cover….

S!lent.Sp!r!t said...

Lady my dear,

We might seem to be negative, but that is not what I meant but rather to give you an understanding of how men's mentality differ thus it'll make you understand that if you think a man doesn't care because you are analyzing him against UR definition of care then know you are mistaken.

It is thus imprtant to understand the other party mentality in order to rid urself of unnecessity tensions that exist.

And dear, we are all fools of LOVE .. who isn't? But we still fall in love because it is a feeling that nothing can compare too.

Dear, even if the one meant to be is not accepted by family, culture, etc, fear not to fight...

ArabLady said...

Spirit i feel better now :D

arab woman said...

oh my gosh .......
hewwwww , untill which time women should stay forgive men ?????

is this our life !!! to got hurt then forgive , again hurt ,, and forgive ..
that's right anyone need love , need to be loved , but who need to be suffer ??
i guess NOONE ..

ArabLady said...

lol i found somebody who is silmilar to me.... :)

"untill which time women should stay forgive men ?????"

actually i can't answer this question ...go ask arab men ,,,they might have the answer

arab woman said...

i swear that arab men never could answer ,,

I have a theory. As usual, I always have a theory that contradicts the conventional way of thinking. People say 'You will meet the one', 'There is that one person out there for you', 'You will find the one for you', the one, the one, the one. I believe there are two people out there. The one that got away and the one you end up with. Everbody has someone in their past that they have loved enormously, whether the other person knew it, realized it, or not at all doesnt matter. That person is out there. Then there is that person that you end up spending the rest of your life with. Now, in very rare circumstances that person is the same or comes very close or shares somes resemblance (whther physically or characteristically). But there are always two people out there.
I dont know you and just came across this blog by mistake but maybe this guy was that one that got away. we all go through that.