Goodbye Karim!

15 April, 2008

Bye Karim

Today Cheif George passed by my office to say hi…I’ve been wondering about Karim, a sexy gentle Moroccan colleague working as a Taste Manger

Kareem has left UAE & the Arab World for good.

He paid some bucks to a 35 yrs old lady in order to marry her & get the Spanish Citizenship

Kareem left without saying good to me!

I just feel sorry for our Arab youth running after Europe’s promises & dreaming about living there

Bye Kareem

I don’t have any citizenship either ! Anybody willing to marry me?

Cheif George envies Kareem. He wishes if he could do so. He thinks Karim seized the right opportunity….

How many zillions of kareemz do we have?

I will miss u kareem



Anonymous said...

The grass always looks greener on the other side. Kareems are envied because our lives revolve around money. Wealth is seen as a sign of success. Today someone told me about a businessman who died last year. He built a huge business empire over a period spanning 50 years but the whole empire disintegrated within one year after his death because none of his children were interested.

Almost every kareem will give you the same excuse, they are earning to secure a better future for their families. But almost always, after his death the same family fights over it & in the end disintegrates as a family. God guide them & us too.

rosh said...

If he hitched with that woman for some passport, he's either desperate or a just a loser, or both.

Anca said...

I heard so many of this kind of stories, it's not new for me. It's not only about arabs and europeans, it's happen between europeans as well.
I can tell you that, it is a very big risk, cause if they are caught red-handed,then they will regret their entire life!(in all the european union country it's totally forbidden and the price you pay it's very high)
I think he had a strong reason to take this risk(u never know what's hidden behind)
I hope he'll not get in trouble!

The Observer said...

Unfortunatly many kareems! :(

It is sad.

Anonymous said...

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johnorford said...

"I don’t have any citizenship either ! Anybody willing to marry me?"

Err, ok! :) I dunno why ppl pay to get married to westerners, pretty easy methinks, u just have to live in a western country for 1 or 2 years and let things take their course...

Maybe that's the trick...

Ali said...

ya but some people can't afford 1-2 years, I guess.

Very nice blog by the way

Arab Lady said...

at this particular moment of this day i wish if i was kareeem!

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