15 April, 2008

I really ran out of patience

I’m so sick of the ignorance & carelessness of a bank that should respect who inaugurated it

I already started to contact local newspapers in order to publish my complaint against Noor Islamic Bank

I really exhausted all tools of communication trying to contact the Sales department, customer service, Operations & Senior management but no response so far to attend to my complaint

No action no response

10 days & so far they didn’t fix the LPO

I want my money back !! along with compensation for the time wasted so far


Damn it!!

Wish me luck!!!


Anonymous said...

Consumers have no one to go to except Allah int his part of the world. What is the reason given by them? Are they too busy or have they misplaced the documents? Why it is taking such a long time? I mean what their explanation?

Arab Lady said...

No clue DG no clueeeeeeeeeeeee