Quick Update- Noor Islamic Bank Part #12659820659898989

13 April, 2008

I just got a call from NIB’s Branch Manger after sending A VERY LOVELY E-MAIL


He promised to solve the problem by today " INSHALA"

i hate when ppl say " INSHALA"...since three weeks i'm hearing this word

plzzzzzzzzzz have mercy on this WORD For God's Sake!!!

Lets see what will happen.

He better do so before I send a hot letter to 7 days & Emarate El Youm!!! I would love to tell the whole UAE about the worst bank in town!


AM said...

Lol, even though this word is meant to mean a good thing, hearing it in this country scares me each time i have a deadline.

NIB? I have another bank in mind which would top the list of the worst banks in dubai.

rosh said...

lol, c'mon AL, after all these years in the region, you must know if it's been "inshalla-ed" it has probably been left to chance and shining stars :)

Adi said...

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