06 April, 2008

I think I need a bloody hit on my head to wake up from the laziness phase I’m going through.

I sleeeeeeeeeeeeep a lot
Physical activity = 0
Mental activity= 0
I wake up late
I go to work late
My Tommy is getting bigger & bigger
I go to the saloon for the heck of wasting time & spending money
Appetite reducers didn’t work with me…I can’t close my mouth for more than 30 minz
These days I’m seeing nightmares on a daily basis
I have short temper most of the time
I don’t feel like doing anything at all
I’m hesitant in making decisions! Nothing matters to me..nothing is important anymore…every thing is 3adi
I put plans but I never make them true
I’m not concentrating on one thing at a time…I’m not concentrating at all
Sometimes I wonder what I want from life
I feel myself lost & confused
I’m just unhappy & I dunno why

I’m really worried & I’m scared as there are a lot of things coming up concerning my job that needs full dedication. I shouldn’t forget that I will register for two courses in May for my masters!

What the hell is happening to me? it is not me any more.
What do they call such symptoms? Is it depression?


Interesting, what two courses will you be taking in May?

Those two courses will probably liven things up for you. Until then, just relax and enjoy the down time.


Arab Lady said...

Hi Ex!

Research For marketing Decisions + Retail Marketing Management!!

sounds boring huh!
anyways thx 4 passing by :)

johnorford said...

how does one pronounce 3adi, is it like three-adeeeeee! (i always see number 3 all over the place in arabic blogs...)

what's it mean?

You said, "sounds boring huh!"

No, they sound like classes you could have fun with.

Decisions and management... in a larger sense that could be quite interesting.

Arab Lady said...


wut about an free arabic class :)

u should stress on the A
by the way 3adi means Normal , regular sometimes it means ok

i should have fun but after almost staright 12 hours of work + Traffic how would ur brain tolerate another 4 hours of lecturing

uhm said...

I think your blog is very interesting. I like the fact that you are trying to portray an image of the muslim woman who is more career oriented ,and I like that you are trying to break the stereotype of the "typical islamic woman" .Your life is also very interesting.

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