02 May, 2008

I’m really tired. I know the solution is easy but I wish if I could change things unchangeable in my life. I fed up from instability. I wish if I could write everything on this wall. Knowing that somebody can read my thoughts upsets me & forbid me from writing what I want!


I want to settle down I want something guaranteed
Where am I going? I really made a decision that affected my career path…I’m way behind regarding my masters ….not able to communicate at all with the ppl I’m living with
Till when I have to tolerate the gap btw us…its so unbelievable to live with somebody for the sake of being obligatory

Your agenda & life should be programmed the way they want
You should eat, think, behave ,talk ,act ,wear, & walk the way they want
You should embrace their religion, thoughts, & tradition

I’m tired of acting to satisfy them & myself at the sometime

I wish if I could scream & let them know WHAT I M & WHAT I WANT TO BE ..

its my years thats flying by..its my youth .. Its my life…

I want to enforce my options my wants my plans for my life….i don’t want to compromise for nothing ….

Some ppl’s extistance might be a reason to move forward

Some ppl’s existabnce might be a reason to move backward
Disturbing existence

Enough ranting for today!


Summer said...

Good to read from you and good that you turned the comments ON!
know for sure that nothing stays the same. situations change, people change and times change...so be hopeful and have a bright outlook on life...it will never ever be the same and it will be better...but also be prepared, it might get worse before it gets better. Best of luck!

Arab Lady said...

"know for sure that nothing stays the same"

situations change, people change and times change...

when? more than 6 years waiting for that change...

Summer thx 4 ur sweet words & wishes

Hiba .. are you EVER going to add titles to your posts?

And, isn't it time to change the dark theme that hides everything?

(pretty please?) :poppy eyes:

Rani Dababneh said...

good luck with all of that :)

Anonymous said...

If the solution is easy as you said, why don't you go for it then? What is stopping you?

Instability & insecurity is a disease most of us suffer from in this modern age. Life is easy, it is us the people & the society who make our lives complicated & miserable. If you believe in what you are supposed to do, then go ahead. Either you will succeed or even if you didn't, at least you will gain valuable experience. Good luck :-)

Anca said...

If you really believe in what you want to do then Go For It!!!
Listen to your family's and friend's advice, sort everything and take a decision by Your Self; it's Your Decision what you do with Your Life!!!
If you'll have success, then Congratulation!!!
If you'll be wrong, then think positive and learn from Your Mistakes!!!
From my point of view, this is the only way to get experience and to be prepared for the next challenges from the entire life.
Sometimes "The school of life" is more imp.than the school.
I wish you All the Very Best!

Arab Lady said...


Your words really helped!

I really wish if I can go for what I want but real life in a male/religion dominated societies & cultures is absolutely not easy

Thanks again

BTW Qwaider..just one sentence: 3an jad fayi2 w rayi2!

Ya 7aramek :(
El 7a2 3alay, I'm trying to help!

Haik ya hiba? Ma kansh el 3asham :'(

Arab Lady said...

eno ana bfish kol2i hon w i rant w i dont give a damn la keef el layout wel Search engine optimization blab blah

ana poor arabic chick mish mitil ur majesty a famous blogger

;) e7na 3a 3alam 3a adna

Khuram said...

Its life Hiba. You are living in World not paradise, where you want everything to be like you want. What about Other people wants? So life without compromises is nothing.
And if you really feel, you dont need to compromise and you can live as u want, then leave all people and start living alone.

When you are living with people, GIve and Take is must.

You sound like a fascinating lady!

You said, ...WHAT I M & WHAT I WANT TO BE ..

What do you want to be?