Fashit kholi2

05 May, 2008

100% of arab men are jurks alll of them all of them ...im just wondering if i could meet only ONE MAN out of the zillions i'm seeing in my daily life

he wants to marry me he wants to c me....he lectures me regarding married women's dress code...he refuses to accept the idea of having male friends..etc CLAIMING THAT HE IS A MAN ...

where is ur manhood today when my car broke up? ur fucking dentist is more important than helping out a woman in need...a girl that u want her to be ur soul mate

i dont care about u ....aslan u dont match my expectations & criteria

i dont care about ur fucking appoitment with ur fucking dentist ..things would have changed a bit if u acted as a MAN
but deep inside i know that 99.99 % of those carying their fucking pinus are far away from being REAL MEN

just wondering why God is not sending my way some REAL Men ..they might not be existing...

wut fucking concepts they have in their mind about HOROR & MANHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD


You know, half of me was laughing, and the other half was scrared! ..
Ma3lish ad7ak? :)

Shaklo fee 3arees .. (jdeed)
Ya 7aram el maskeen :)

rosh said...

Yup same here: I was shaking, given the humour and the fear :)

D said...

Gawd, you were really angry!!!

Arab Lady said...

Laughing at wut !huh!
The whole building at where I work knew that a silly lady forgot her car lights on for more than 10 hours : (

I called the police for help …I called Liberty Hot line …I called the whole ppl yesterday & that Jurk who call him self a MAN didn’t bother to cancel his appointment & come to help

Al dabri rasik!

Mdabra rasi fiyo w bala

his application was rejected anyways so la sho ya 7aram ;)

I’m more convinced now that marriage is bullshit!

U guys instead of supporting me emotionally , part of u laugh & the other part get scareddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

:( (

Anca said...

Think positive. You are too good for him. He doesn't deserve you. Take it like a lesson. The next one has to be at a higher level than this one!!!
You deserve much better!!!
Calm down, and always give your best to see the good from the bad.

Degoat said...


mn elyoum wa raye7, i'll be making ur blog my best.. lol

It's the silliest reason for a break-up but i must agree with you..

bil 6aqaq to him :)

Now i can only hope i am part of that .1 percent of good men you were talkin bout lol


bea* said...

well said..wallah fashity 5ilqek!!
but its neva enough..i couldnt agree more with u..seriously they(the so called men)are everywhere..
i just wish if killing was 7alal sumtimz!

hope u get rid of'em soon :)

rosh said...

Well the humour of "fear" in my comment was to bring about a smile, not a frown :)

I hear ya - screw the loser and move on you strong willed woman. Prince charming is waiting to be found :)

Chin up oi!

Arab Lady said...

First of all, sorry for the delay in replying back as I cant use the internet for things not related to work.

@ Anca & every body
the jurk is not my boy friend, lover, or fiancé. I never cared about him in the first place. No relation existed even. However he was chasing after me in order to get closer & see dad blab blah.
Thax 7abibty Anca…im not waiting for Mr. Right anyway..i wont freeze my present for unknown future

Thx man. Isnt weired to have male readers liking my blog! Woow!!
Again Degoat …we were not in a relation to break up but I made him understand that I don’t want to c his # at all :)

We need to test u in order to assure that u r part of the 1%

killing would let them rest in peace …we want some pain first

Come on I was kiddddddddddding (F)

Thx friends for passing by …

Khuram said...

Well why you are blaming all men for being same?

And how you know "99.99% are carrying fucking pinus are far away from being REAL MEN". Is it tested or just an assumption?

If you are not happy with him or whatever ever be, just leave him. Why nee dto make so much noise?

Arab Lady said...


can u do me a favor & read "who is she" part?

its my zone & i do recommend that u browse away searching for less noisy spots.

its my personal diary ... i'm not jotting down my thoughts to entertain others.


lezah said...

hello there, wow i am amaze of your blogs you really expresses yourself freely and its right, by the way i have link your blogs in my multiply account if you dont mind.

Stained said...

hmm...if a man can't cancel his appointment for a girl he plans to marry...he must really be dumb...you deserve better...

lezah said...

hello arablady, why your recent blog dont have a comment box?

Arab Lady said...

Hey Lezah

thx hon ..well for some posts i switch off the commenting option :)

Arab Lady said...


of course he is :)

hope all well with u

lezah said...

hi, at last you reply :-)

have a great day to you

Arab Lady said...


if u are new to my blog u need to know that i dont blog unless i'm so upset or pissed off...

so sorry for not checking the commments frequently

thanks dear for passing by

Anonymous said...


Lovin the blog. Keep up the good work!


Arab Lady said...

thx navcity!