19 June, 2008

I’m having some weird dreams these days. I have bad feelings when I wake up. I saw my self with a bunch of relatives wearing black clothes. I understood that somebody passed away but I’m not sure who exactly. I think she was my mother if I’m mistaken.

Last week I saw myself visiting my dead aunt & her daughter. My aunt was sitting with dad but my cousin looked upset…she didn’t even want to talk to me….at the end of the dream I saw myself sitting by a harbour….no place in any of the dreams looked familiar…that weekend I spent it at home I had some fear that something bad would happen

Why relatives? Wish if I could know the meaning o f my dreams…..

The third anniversary of my blog is approaching ….three years passed & I hope to continue the habit of jotting down my annoying thoughts


rosh said...

Lady, you are kinda freaking me out with this post and the one below.... please have positive thoughts AL, chin up :)

johnorford said...

keep those annoying thoughts coming!

makes for a good blog!! :)

Arab Lady said...

Rosh :)
what shall i doooooooooooooo

John! no comment
thx anyways guys..

Belle said...

Ya zola 3arabeyah...the reason for your nightmares honey bunny is your thoughts you "jotted down" on the 18th...you are thinking grave thoughts sweetheart...

As one dear man said to me before he died in Arabic while I was crying by his bedside when I knew he was going to die soon "7ada beymoot 2abel wa2too?" does anybody die any minute short of what is written for him to live? (lousy translation I know)..

Think positive, Inshallah the UAE will always be blessed with peace and safety.

Ummm what else, like your bloggy.

Arab Lady said...

I�m not sure if that is the real reason�the series of bad dreams continue � each night I c one of my family members!

I will try to shed away such thoughts for the sake of my peace of mind

thx 4 passing by

Anca said...

May God keep u and ur family under His cover! Try to think positive,and move yourself away from these bad thoughts~relieve your "heavy heart"(that's my way to call my heart when I have the feeling that something bad will occur).

Arab Lady said...

Honey thx for your wishes…I’m trying to be positive but sometimes you cant shift your stream of thoughts