Why Arabs are bloody killers

04 August, 2008

I have read a comment by an American on You Tube commenting on the killing of the Lebanese singer, Suzan Tamem. He was right. He just asked why Arabs like to kill people!!

Yes why we have the passion towards killing others…others who differ from us

I’m sick of the bloody genes that we unfortunately inherited…..Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Sudanese, Iraqis…etc are killing each other in the name of religion, for the sake of dominance….

Diversity is a curse in the third world ….Is it God’s fault who created us differently..or its us having malfunctioning shallow-minded brains

I’m sick of seeing brothers in humanity killing each other….i’m sick of seeing people putting an end to life on Earth….

Lets live in peace for God’s sake…….


Hani Obaid said...

That American is a little ignorant. The US has a ridiculously high murder rate, and worse yet, they have a phenomenon nearly unknown in Arab countries, serial killers, we might kill for silly things like honor, land, politics, but how many Arabs kill for entertainment ?

This reminds me of when India and Pakistan got nuclear weapons, and I was listening to the American news pundits express how worried they are. Basically their general idea was that it's worrisome to have "savages" that are often a hair away from a war such as India and Pakistan with nuclear weapons. This is ironic since the country who invented nukes, the largest stcokpiler of nukes, the country that sold nukes to its allies, and the only country to ever use nukes in a war is USA.

So I'd say people with glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

johnorford said...

mayb there's too much god in the middle east! perhaps more atheists would help :P

The Observer said...

I agree with Hani, that guy is ignorant!

But I am sick of killing as well! Khalas no more blood no more blood!! Enough is enough!

rosh said...


Brownie said...

why we generalize...u r arab, r u a killer?
people criticize others all the time and if they thought for a moment be4 that, there would no more wars coz everyone will be busy by fixing themselves first.

Adi said...

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