29 December, 2008


inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji un

sea life said...

Oh God please look after these people!!!!!!!!!

Arabietta said...

And the worst thing is the very Ummah we cherish so much has turned their backs on these people!

God have mercy....

Edi神 said...

is a pitiful sight! I will sell everything I have and go to Gaza,

I hope before the run out of virgins *up there*

Terrible sight. Sometimes you really wonder about humanity.

johnorford said...

the thing that no one has really commented on, is how israel is not allowing any foreign reporters into gaza.

i think, there would be more of an outcry if the international press were allowed in and could get the story out!

المأساة ليست الموت، ولكن المأساة هي الحياة في ظل هكذا ظروف، المأساة هي أن تحقق حماس رغباتها و تأكل فتح أموال المساعدات و يأكل الشعب أنفسهم من الهم....
لا أحد يستطيع أن يساعد الفلسطيني داموا لم يساعدوا أنفسهم
لا أحد يستطيع أن يساعدهم دامت قياداتهم بين خونة و لصوص وبين متشددين عشوائيين
لا أحد يستطيع أن يمد يديه ليساعدهم لأنه لا يد واحده لديهم

Arab Lady said...

I’m so sad speechless & shocked
They are burning old clothes get some warmth in the freezing weather ….they got no gas neither bread! For god sake where is the United Nation! They have destroyed 6 Mosques so far!!! Mosques !!!

Today I will celebrate the New year by lighting a candle at Palestinian Consulate...

You don’t have to be Muslim, Palestinian, or Arab to show some support…all what you need is to be a human………

The Extravagate said...

Ena lelah wa ena elih raj3oon

7sbya alla wa n3ma elwakil,, alla enshalla bynt8m mnhom

it hurts when all u can do is pray for them ,, if it was for me i wouldnt think twice to go there :(

shitalphin said...

300 "innocent" souls?,7340,L-3648058,00.html

(notice most of the innocent people in the photos are wearing black uniform, what is that all about??)

yes there were many innocent soul's but far from even half.

What do you actually expect the Israeli's to do? they are firing hundreds of rockets in to Israel.

what would the UAE do if Yemen starting bombarding your country with rockets??


Damn-it when Arab terrorist come to a seminary and blow the hell out of young students at point blank the world is SILENT!!!

Why Mosques? -,7340,L-3648020,00.html

All those truly innocent should be protected by G-D and live in peace, I can promise that the Israeli are not intentionally killing kids(G-D forbid)

Néphèle said...

are you SERIOUSLY SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

nisa said...

Salam :)

I wonder if Arabs have the financial power to stop all this. What's with the financial crisis. The jets, tanks & weapons need funding & oil(?) right?

I am not sure. Is it true? والله أعلم

nisa said...

Also, Palestine suffers paralyzing blockade - something Israel doesn't suffer does she? & this blockade is not just on a seminary, or a place, or a coffee shop - it's on the whole population.

The starved can also die.

I seek refuge in Allah SWT from errors. Kindly correct if mistaken. :)

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