Shall History Forgive Us!

11 January, 2009

I feel helpless in the light of what is going in Palestine. The holocaust is still going on & the international community is helpless too. Hundreds of thousands Protested worldwide to condemn the barbaric cruel war but the screams fall on deaf ears!!!

No honorable political action has been taken so far by our governments. Donations & condemnation are useless too. Unless the economical card is used, war crimes in gaza will not be stopped.

What a memorable day in history when the president of Venezuela kicked out the Israeli ambassador to protest against the country's assault on Gaza!I believe arabs everywhere have the same expectations of Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, & Mauritania !

A group of Egyptian lawyers has recently succeeded in forcing Egyptian court to Overrule
a controversial 20-year deal on gas exports to Israel.Egypt loses $9m for each day that Cairo upholds the fixed-price agreement with Israel!So why Egypt is still supplying Nazis, oppps I mean their beloved peace partners, with gas although it goes against its national interest!

I still believe we, arabs, can do much better on the streets & via boycotting …through showing reality to others who have been brainwashed by their biased media….

I wish if I could have time to start a professional documentary website on the history of Palestine illustrating original maps & documents proving that this country has been suffering from ethical cleansing wars for the past 6 decades in a trial to abolish the native inhabitants….its a must project on my list! But serious efforts shall be joined to let this project see the light. meanwhile I hope that this simple slides pulled together by me in my free time could help reflect the tragedy of an occupied nation….

At this moment I proudly announce being anti-peace talks …pro Palestinian, pro-Hamas, pro-military resistance , anti-fatih ….! Full stop!!


Chet said...

My heart is breaking when I see the pictures of children who are being slaughtered like cattle. There is so much I want to say but am lost for words.


johnorford said...

"At this moment I proudly announce being anti-peace talks …pro Palestinian, pro-Hamas, pro-military resistance , anti-fatih ….! Full stop!!"

Listen to yourself, you are bonkers.

Anti-peace talks, pro military resistance indeed. I am sure most normal Palestinians on the ground in Gaza would disagree with you vehemently!

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