Turned Twenty-Something

15 January, 2009

Somebody turned twenty-something few days back! I’m getting older & hopefully getting mature & wise as well!! duh

Well well well I’m officially labeled a “spinster now” : ) who cares anyways….i wish if things could have been better on all stages ( money, education, career, & most importantly love)!!

Got to loooooooooooooooooose weight…a sentence that I have been repeating it since ages! I need to get a liposuction then go hunt for a man ! lol

I’m wishng myself & everybody a peaceful weekend!



3anooda said...

join the club - spinster min zamaaaaaaan

The Extravagate said...

LOol first, happy birthday

second, about the liposuction we will take an appointment togather :P

Hanan said...

Happy Birthday :D
Babes, thirty is the new twenty or so I would like to think!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated b.day sweetie ;)


have a good life.


Arab Lady said...

Thanks ladies & gentlemen for your b’d greetings : )

Hope next year we will witness a peaceful middles east!!

Nephele said...

ehhh you don't really need a liposuction to get your hands (& more) on a man when you're around the middle east and the mediterranenan area girl, unless there's quite too much butt to fight away :D ;)) as long as one's around sizes 8-12 we're more than fine, we blow!! :pp 8)

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Anonymous said...

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