What would you like to choose: adopting a dog or getting married!

31 March, 2006

In the states, almost every family owns a dog. They have that unbelievable passion for dogs. Even when you find seniors especially single women, a dog tends to be the husband, the friend, the lover, and the son!!!!

My mom can’t accept the idea of having a dog in our house!!! In her point of view, they are dirties….imagine, these lovely and cute creatures are called so!!!!

Well but to show how Arabs discriminate between their sons and daughters, my brother owns two cats and brought them to the house….doesn’t she dislike cats as well!!!!!

In the beginning she starts yelling but now she combs their hair!!!!!

Imagine,,,, at home we have two toilets, one for our use (since we r a small family) and another toilet for VIP visitors..,,,,guess wut my mom used to lose her mind if any one even imagined to use the other toilet!!!

But now my BROTHER’S CATS occupy that toilet!!!! It’s not fair to me….is it???we have to bear the disgusting smell whenever we pass by the toilet,,,,the cats hair in every where,,,in my clothes, on my bed,,,even in my car!!!!!!!!!

I love dogs,,,,,Mom, I will buy a dog no matter what you will say!!! Do you know why,,,coz

DOGS are loyal to their owners while MEN are not!!!!!!
DOGS don’t tell white, blue, or green LIES while MEN do!!!!!!
DOGS don’t deny any good u did to them BUT MEN do!!!!!!!!!
DOGS are honest while MEN are not!!!!!!!!!!!

DOGS don’t replace you BUT MEN don’t miss a chance to DUMP U!!!!!!!!
DOGS share with u all the good and bad times WHILE MEN share with you the bed only!!!!!!!!!
DOGS listen to you BUT MEN keep on giving ORDERS as they are they are masters and we are slaves!!!!!!!!!!

Do you understand now why I prefer having a dog instead of a man in my life?

Wish if she can read wut I write!!!!!!!

Oh isn’t foxy so cute,,,saw that on Al ain taxi blog and liked adopting another animal….scared to adopt a dog coz foxy might be jealous and then eat him!!!

Say hello to foxy!!!!!!!